"Museum Wonder Night" is undoubtedly a film that is suitable for all ages. In the film, the audience can see countless fantasy landscapes, can touch the "history" closely, and can span the human civilization between the continents and the upper and lower thousand years (even hundreds of millions of years) between the squares. At the same time, the audience is again. You can see a frustrated father in the film, how to regain dignity in front of his son, how to get out of the shadow of divorce and regain love.

The film integrates several types of movie types, the wonderful imagination of fantasy films, the daily landscape of family films, and the good and evil of action films, and all of them are integrated in the framework of comedy films. Indeed, in Hollywood, a single type of film is difficult to satisfy people. There must be a type of miscellaneous mixed to allow the audience to experience an unexpected surprise and a diverse pleasure. At this point, "Museum's Wonderful Night" is relatively successful.

The most colorful movement of the film is the resurrection of the museum's exhibits at night. At that time, if the audience passed through the tunnel of time, it entered a wonderful world that combines history, legends, fairy tales, and nature. At this time, the museum became a micro -world and a concentrated history of human civilization.

---- "Shanghai Youth Daily" comment

Therefore, Museum Wonderful Night 1 Movie English is worth recommending!