"The Martian" (The Martian) is produced by the 20th century Fox Films, directed by Redley Scott, Drucardia, Matt Damon, Jessica Chastan, etc. The science fiction movie was adapted from the e -book of the same name of Andy Will in 2012 and was released in North America on October 2, 2015. It tells the story of Mark and his team out of contact due to a sandstorm, and alone in Mars, who was lonely, facing spacecraft damage, trying to return to the earth. Humans realized the first landing on Mars and American astronaut Mark Waternie (Matt Damon). He and five other astronauts encountered a giant storm. Think that he was unable to survive and was left in Mars and became Space Robinson. After the sober Waternie, he found himself away from the Earth's home, and the food was only one month of supply. Fortunately, he is humorous and optimistic, and he is a botanical expert who decides to survive by his own strength. When the next Mars mission is coming, it will take four years to this. Waternie carefully calculated how to maximize his time on this drought planet, and began to use homemade fertilizer to plant potatoes, and all the materials of the opponent's head were used. On the planet, after the public mourning Mark's tragedy, a sharp -eyed NASA technician noticed signs of motion on the surface of Mars during the monitoring, and suspected that Mark might be alive. After the two sides re -contacted, Mars rescue mission was launched.