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Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1n3wnb5txtboq-71lhi7hoq

Extract code: SM98

"Peerless War" is a war -themed film directed by Lin Xiaoxin and Xu Jianghua. It is co -produced by Xiamen Blue Flame Film and Television and Xiamen Lezhong Culture.

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1ewXBey7u- FT0KZMM74NWRA

Extract code: F9W6

Director: Xu Jianghua/Lin Xiaoxin

Screenwriter: Han Fei/Fang Zhan

Starring: He Yujun/Wang Lan/Gao Mingsheng/Hou Jian/Lu Wenjun/Chen Shengwei/Lu Shaoping/Jiang Linyan/Sun Mingjun/Wang Jun/Wang Xusheng

Type: Plot/Action/War

Production Country/Region: Mainland China

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Release date: 2016-07-01 (Mainland China)

Shop long: 95 minutes

Also known as: TheDeathwar

The film is based on the "Xiangjiang Battle" as the background. It tells the story of the Red 34 Division to cover the Central Red Army to break through the central government, and play the story of the defender and the enemy's bloody fighting and the phoenix nirvana. Zhang Qiming, who led the model to fight for the dozen times with dozens of times. In the background of the fierce war, the film also depicts the warmth: During the war, Zhang Qiming misunderstood the nurse's fine girl and met each other and fell in love, causing a series of touching love stories.