In the finale of "My Father and Mother", Chen Zhi went to Ye Xiuluo.

Related plot: Cuihua found Chen Zhi and took the initiative to say that the two broke up and divorced. Cuihua said that they had figured it out. People had to live for themselves. The two each went to find their happiness.

Chen Zhi and Cuihua held a divorce ceremony in the hotel. Under the witness of relatives and friends, they bid farewell to their dearest people and find their own happiness. Tang Zhiliang and Cui Hua are couples. And Ye Xiuluo proposed to meet Chen Zhi, Chen Zhi went to the city to find Ye Xiuluo in his own telescope.

Chen Zhi and Cuihua are together because of the grace:

Chen Zhi has not returned to the city in the village because his father's historical problems are unclear. Cui Hua's father helped Chen Zhi to fight for the opportunity to go back to the city. Chen Zhi also agreed to settle his relatives with Cuihua. Later, Chen Zhi's father was paralyzed because of Cuihua to help take care of his father, Chen Zhicai was able to continue to college. This also made Chen Zhi unable to refuse Cuihua.

Without Cuihua's father, he would not be able to go back to the city at all. If it wasn't for Cuihua to help take care of his father, he would not be able to continue to college. It can be said that Cuihua changed Chen Zhi's life. It was Cui Hua's kindness for Chen Zhi to let Chen Zhi choose to give up his true love and choose Cuihua.

Ye Xiuluo is Chen Zhi's college classmate and the person who really loves Chen Zhi. When Ye Xiuluo knew that Chen Zhi was married, when the girl was cut into the village, she asked Chen Zhi, "That girl, do you love her?" Chen Zhi said, "People like me are no longer qualified to talk about love or not." Essence He also told Ye Xiuluo several times, "No matter what reason, don't marry a person you don't love."

This is how painful Chen Zhi is warning Ye Xiuluo with his own experience to combine with a person he doesn't love! In the end, Zhang Cuihua and Chen Zhi talked about his son Dazhi's marriage and asked Chen Zhi, "Then what do you feel about me, what do you feel for me?" Cuihua didn't even dare to ask Chen Zhi to love her or not, how much she hoped that Chen Zhi would also say love too After her, but Chen Zhi said, "We are loved ones."

From these three conversations, it can be determined that Chen Zhi has never loved Cuihua. He only had a family that could not be separated, so this marriage was not based on love.