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"Crack of the Great Qin Empire" is directed by Huang Jianzhong and Yanyi, and Sun Haohui screenwriter, Hou Yong, Wang Zhifei, Gao Yuanyuan, Lu Zhong, Sun Feihu, Lu Yong, Qi Fang, You Yongzhi, Li Liqun and others starring in costume historical dramas.

The play is a long historical drama adapted from Mr. Sun Haohui's novel "Great Qin Empire". It mainly tells the process of Qin State in the Warring States Period and changed from weak to strong. The show premiered on December 18, 2009 on Shaanxi, Southeast, Henan, and Hebei Satellite TV, and broadcast on the CCTV TV series on October 17, 2014.

Black fission. Black generation refers to the Qin Dynasty. This is the first one. It means that Shang Ye's entry into the Qin Dynasty brought fierce changes to the Qin Dynasty. At the beginning, the six countries in Shandong were preparing to divide the Qin Dynasty. A rain made Qin escape from a robbery, but at this time, the national strength of the Qin Guo's national strength (due to Qin Xiaogong and the generations of the generations of generations in several years). You know Qin, and then you know everything later.

The author is a proper Wei Yan powder. Later, several parts also emphasized the importance of Wei Yan to Daqin.

The source is the actions of the Qin Dynasty's fission.

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