Your baby has a fever after the vaccine. After burning for 3 days, a lot of red dots growing on your body appeared. This is caused by your child's incubation period. This lurking disease is children's rash. Children's acute rash is a common disease of children, and children's rash. It is caused by a virus infection. It is usually commonly fever for 2-5 days. After the fever retreats, the whole body appears with rash. The order of rash: noodles, necks, trunk, limbs. It is all in 24 hours, and the disease should be better when the rash. The rash generally subsides by itself in about 2 days. Your child is basically in line with a typical fever rash, which is the manifestation of young children's rash. No treatment is required. But pay attention to rest, ensure nutrition, drink plenty of water, and keep the skin clean and hygienic to avoid cold. Don't go to a crowded place. After this disease is usually suffered, it is usually no longer the second time. Finally, you wish your child has recovered

Your child should have a viral cold. The viral rash after the fever is reduced. It does not matter. After two -three days, it will fade by itself, which proves that the virus is emitted from the body.


According to your symptoms, it can be cured, mainly caused by toxins in the blood. Blood heat is also one of them. It is recommended that you use mild Chinese medicine to regulate from the body to achieve cure.

Generally, after the vaccination is vaccinated, children and the perfection will have a slight reaction. The local redness and tenderness will naturally subspeges naturally within 24 hours. Occasionally, some people have allergic reactions or short -term fever, without special treatment. If you have more than 38 degrees Celsius, you should go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment in time.

Children's rash, just rash, don't worry, pay attention to care for the child ~