When I bought a ticket, I heard the two ladies in front of the two ladies saying "Sleeping Mantra" and watching "Sleeping Mantra". This movie was so beautiful. Sister, I believe in your aesthetics, I believe the reputation of the US box office reputation, the reputation of the American box office , Walking into the cinema, after watching the movie, I said something wrong for a long time, this movie is almost ---

It is said that this movie was criticized as A- in North America. Word of mouth and box office were pretty good, but whether it was not soil and soil or I was a man. I couldn't stand the goddess of my mind. The lips are replaced by the thick cheekbone of "Sleeping Sleeping Mantra", and the director's virgin show is a mediocre. If it is not the cute princess, I have already been like a curse, and sleeping than the princess in the film to sleep. I have to die, even if I kissed me fiercely to the man I really love, I won't wake up with the beard.

As a producer of this movie, Angelina Julie has an unshirkable responsibility for this rotten film. Because the 80%of the movie's shots have given this woman, this show off feminist movie, all the male characters in this movie are completely reduced to soy sauce, one is the king of evil and ugly, and the other is a personal guard (crow crow ), One is the weak prince of the vase, wow, from the snow and snow to the sleepy curse, Disney began to move towards the great way to show women. Where did men die?

In fact, this film is the sister of "Ice and Snow". In the strict sense, "Sleeping Mantra" is made into a cartoon. If there is a good music like "Ice" and the plot that can be compact, it may be possible. In better, "Ice and Snow", an unlikely cartoon, can get a super good reputation, win the Oscar award, and repeatedly create a box office myth in Japan, allowing American filmmakers to see feminism rising in the movie Power, there is another "Sleeping Mantra", but the movie cannot abandon her preference for Julie. Elves, people who watched movies definitely think that this should be a cartoon. Unfortunately, Angelina Julie, you are old, without a real breast, you drop a lot of male fans. Sorry, I can only score a rigid passing of this movie.

In fact, from "Monster Stark", the cartoon in the United States has set off a spoof and subverting classic cartoons. All the beautiful fairy tales we have touched when we were young were re -changed to the screen. The brave legend) starts, to Grandma Wolf's little red hat, princess pod, Princess White Snow, Sleeping Beauty, Green Wild Fairy, all classic fairy tales are all disrupted and rebuilt. (Actually, real life, how can the prince fall in love with Cinderella's fairy tales), Americans understand more than people all over the world, ---, crying to me, the fairy tales are deceiving In subverting the classic movies, the prince is more evil than one, one is ugly than the other, and the beautiful women who can dominate the buying tickets occupy a strong aura in the movie. Anyway, China is a unreparable truth. As a result, in the movie "Sleeping Mantra", the lady and mother who had no blood relationship kissed the princess to wake the princess. laugh out loud……)

I am not a grievance -tecre male screaming. It is the world -led world that we have been instilled from a young age. However, there is no beautiful music in "Sleeping Mantra", no humor expression of "Monster Stark", no beautiful picture of "Brave Legend", and no legend of "Green Wild Fairy". The record of the expression like white water (Julie), close -up of the close -ups and vision, and there are almost no infectious fragments in the plot. The only thing that makes people deeply remember is the human elves of the "Rings King". It was given an animated elves and lost the most important focus of (animated) movies, the power of storytelling.

A good movie must be a good storyteller, "Lion King" in fact the replica of "Hamlet", the little friend friendship told in "Toy Story", "Glacier Century" is a spiritual homeland, and "Crazy Crazy Crazy "Primitive" "is more like Moses out of Egypt. The classic is classic because it has a strong mental torque, because it expresses universal positive energy and makes people talk about, so the most statement in the classics is justice, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery, bravery. Responsibility and love, the greatest love -love, will definitely appear repeatedly, and the prince will also marry a princess with a white horse instead of a pair of white sneakers. So to subvert the classics, you need to be more powerful than the classics, instead of simply waking her kiss on the forehead of the princess (dare to mouth to mouth--)

Although I know that there is no true love between sexuality in time, True Love, let alone fall in love with a person you met for the first time, even if he (she) is a prince or princess, I would rather like it in the movie.The prostitution and warmth classics are not willing to let the "Sleeping Mantra" have no narrative, no editing, no logic, and no love movies.Not to mention a long ugly ugly prince who has a long ugly ugliness of the drums of the lower body.Have!Awake!,No!Have!Awake!, Pull this man away and let me come-