First of all, please allow me to express my excitement first --------- squat to the ground, bow your head, have a chest, fist, and then stand up hard, stretch your arms towards the sky ------ Russia's god. It is too spiritual! Given that I have always preferred magic -style style, the name of the film is enough for me to drool. Pan Shen, what is Pan Shen? The classmate Pan Shen has always been known in Greek mythology, and because of his ugly appearance, he is often rejected by the fairy sister, Pan Shen's maze? Is it because he imprisoned Pan Shen's sister in the maze, and then -------------------------------- this is the end that refused to watch any introduction before watching the movie! First of all, I want to clarify a concept. At least in my personal mind, fairy tales and magicism are completely incompatible. Fairy tales are compiled to children. It is necessary to fully consider the degree of acceptance of the fragile and tender soul, and magicism (often called magic realism) is for adults. The logic and phenomenon, the result is that it is more real than reality. On the position of its big brothers, there is a book "Centennial Lonely". It is difficult for you to say that this book is a fairy tale, or it is not related to reality. Historical materials are 100 times good. In another point, we must talk about Mexico (although the story takes place in Spain, but the director is Mexican) is a special nation. Although about 93%of the modern Mexico people believe in Catholicism, this is the poison of colonialism. The Mayan culture is a standard multi -deities. Not only is it divine, it seems that all Mayan people are like God (like the ancient Greeks). The distance between God and man is not very obvious. What a ghost or what is strange? It is not like the stupid children of Christianity. When you move it, you will admire it and worship it. If my two views can stand on their opinions, I can solve many people unable to understand that the two clues in "Pan Shen's Maze" are processed together, but there is nothing to explain to each other, and the plot is not many. In my opinion, Pan Shen's clue is simply a huge metaphor. It seems to be an alternative commentator. In the middle of the movie, it is constantly ironic to reality. A must. First of all, on the way to the camp, Ophelia picked up the statue of the statue was its eyes. Eye! She attributed the idol's eyes to what did you think of? Secondly, the toads that cause the ancient tree to die, dirty, greedy. A huge mucus filth (like the artist, the 5 million budget is so realistic, it turns out that 500 does not need to pile chrysanthemum platform?!#) The ugly toad, a gloomy (the film was super realistic at the end of the film, it had to be turned off white. The big tree of the flower died under the parasitic of the toad. The film happened in Spain under the dictatorship of Franco. What can I think of? After killing the toad, get the golden key, the golden key opens, and you can get a sharp dagger. In the second level of mission, all the murderers on the murals are all kinds of monsters, luxurious dining tables and feasts, Pan Shen repeatedly warned not to eat things there (do not be subject to material temptation). Children of meaning (half the devil and half of the children of the fairy), in order to protect this new child Ophelia, would rather sacrifice themselves. When vidal gave the child to Mercedes, she asked her to tell her child's death time in the future (the continuation of hatred? Fascist resurrected?), But Mercedes resolutely rejected him. In addition, the concept of "father" many times in the film, Ophelia's biological mother has begun to ask her to be called "father", and later asked her to "obey" her, but Ophelia resolutely said, "He is not me, not me. "Father", in the reality clue, Ophelia said "my father is a tailor", and in the magical clue, her father was the king of the underground palace. Then at the end of the film, Ophelia's biological mother and an old -fashioned white bearded old man became her parents. Her mother's line was "Come here, sit next to your father, he has been waiting for you for a long time for a long time. " Well, I admit, maybe I think too much. Maybe people tell the story of a guerrilla (no railway guerrillas and authentic warfare) and a fairy tale imagination of a beautiful little girl, can you win the film critic award? Can you be nominated for 6 Oscar as a Mexican movie? I think when Ophelia's mother threw Mandela (I also knew this cute grass in Harry Potter) and said well: "You have gradually grown up, You will find that life is different from your fairy tales. This world is a cruel place. You will know this. Even if you receive harm, Ophelia, magic does not exist, to you, to me, to anyone, to anyone, to anyone, to anyone, to anyone, to anyone, to anyone, to anyone There is no existence! "In fact, there is no fairy tale at all, and fairy tales are more cruel reality than reality. A nation should look up again under the power, and what is required to brighten the eyes and recognize the origin (father). Although this newborn flows half of the evil blood, because there is Ophelia (the national female referred to) Protection will eventually go out of realistic confusion (maze) and survive.

Please forgive my eyelids. If there are people who have a deeper awareness of magic realism and the history of the Spanish civil war, they may be able to see more things from it. At least, I have never understood what the role of Pan Shen is used for? What kind of metaphor is Mandela grass occupied so many shots? Etc., etc. Second, I remembered that when Lai Dao talked about "Secret Taohuayuan", I mentioned that the madness of Japan's performance midfielder and the ancient Greek tragedy midfielder showed the tragedy in a comedy manner, and so is the love of Taohuayuan. Tragedy and comedy have become two sides of a coin. With their own existence, each other's glory is settled, and because of the power of contrast, it makes them more moved. "Pan Shen's Maze" also has this feature. Without the simple eyes of the little girl, the elves and Pan Shen, which make people completely relax, and the other clues will not look so violent and cruel. I closed my eyes in front of a few killing shots. Think about it. In fact, it is not as bloody as some real war films. But with the setting of the other side, it seems unbearable. On the other hand, those wars, gunshots, and horrible rainy nights set off the value of the magical world. It is a place that can escape reality. In fact, Ophelia does escape her young All the cruel situations that must be encountered. It can be imagined that the audience's heart was insufficient at once, and the oxygen content was too high at once. It was pinched by an invisible hand, sometimes fighting, sometimes soothing. This film made me see 2:30 in the middle of the night when I had to get up at 7 o'clock the next day. This is the highest level of blockbusters (although 5 million does not count on huge sums of money), intense plots, wonderful performances, perfect soundtracks, visual impact, not only perfect at the time of watching the movie, but also remembered afterwards. Whether it is the most common audience or professional film critic, you can find your own fun in it. The three of the film were nominated for 6 Oscar, the best original script, the best photography, the best art director-props set, the best costume, the best soundtrack, and the best foreign language film, all of them. The script is not mentioned. In the image, although I am a BT download and watch it on the computer, but the kind of saturation is slightly low, and the blue and blue color of the gray tone still has oil -painted glaze, which runs through the dark of the entire film. Shen and gray tone are depressed. Only in the end, Ophelia returned to the underground palace, and the golden brilliant glory shown was revived. Watch "Pan Shen's Maze" in 3 minutes