The original version of "Northeast Love Brother" is called "When a man is in love".

Although the film "Northeast Love Song", although the film is remaked from the Korean movie "When a Man Loves", but there is no information about "When a Man Loves" in the official propaganda. When watching this movie, there is a sense of familiarity with the plot of the film.

"Northeast Love Song" was released on the stream media on October 29. Starred by Bao Bell and Qiao Shan, the original "When a Man Loves" has a high score of 7.9, and the remake of "Northeast Love Song" is only 4.7 points. The first three works, but they still become bad movies.

"Northeast Love Brother" controversial

The biggest controversy is that the original version of Huang Zhengmin plays a small mix of debt -registering. Under the pursuit of fierce love and dead skin, he finally chased his beloved girl.

In "Northeast Love Song", Bao Bell plays this role. From the appearance point of view, although Bao Bell has left his hair, he still has no personality charm, so there is such a comment. Bao Bell really can't understand. "

In addition, this is the second remake of "When a Man Loves" in 2021, starring Qiu Ze and Zhang Weining. The film scored 6.4 points in Douban. "It's so much.