1. "Grave Robbery Note: Return to the Sea"

After the Iron Triangle went deep into the West Queen Mother's Snake Ghost City, after three days and three nights of extremely nervous search, I finally found the entrance to the West Queen Mother Palace near the temple hidden in the dense forest. At the end of the entrance, he found that three uncle's team almost all bizarre, but he did not find the bodies of the three uncle. They continued to get in danger and entered the huge underground system of the Mother City of Western West. They finally met Wen Jin and learned that Xisha's secrets, the real past of the third uncle, also surfaced.

2. "Grave Robbery: Genting Tiangong"

The Triangle Triangle and Shunzi and his party set foot on the Genting Tiandong. The weird and horrible stimulus of strange and horror of the door, the door hall, and the funeral canal.

3. "Grave Robbery Note: Seven Star Lu Palace"

This is the first story of "Tomb Raider", and it is also the first down to Wu Xie. As an internship dirt, Wu Xie has experienced a series of dangers in the Palace of Qixinglu. With the tide of the tide, Wu Xie finally escaped from birth, and the whole story began to be extremely confusing.

4. "Grave Robbery Note: Qinling God Tree"

Wu Xie, who had just returned from the Western Reef Sea Tomb and was leisurely at home for a few days, and went to the mysterious Qinling Adventure with his friends. Exhausted, candle Jiuyin, and a huge bronze tree, the adventure process is full of human struggle and efforts, and horrible characters appear with abominable faces. Finally, it is a stunning, beyond all imagination, but it seems to be a true and credible ending.

5. "Grave Robbery: Snake Ghost City"

After the successful release of the Genting Tiandong, Wu Xie and the three uncle after awakening had a long talk. Just when Wu Xie thought that things were close to the truth, the two sets came from Zhang Qiling's video tape, and let the matter re -entered the fog. According to the fragmented clues in the video tape, Wu Xie came to the strange Qinghai alone. Following the clues left by the predecessors, Wu Xie mixed into Aning's expedition to the Shidama Salt. Starting from Dunhuang, the two teams seem to have the same goals.

Lao Jiu Gen, Tomb Raider, the Kuang Sea & Qinling God Tree, Sand Sea, Ultimate Notes, restarted.

The TV series adapted from the grave robbing notes include the old nine, the grave robbers, the sea of ​​anger, and the sandy sea. These TV series have been highly popular after being broadcast.

Lao Jiu Gen-Tomb Raider-Nu Sea Qinling-Genting Tiangong-Ultimate Notes-Tibetan Sea Blossom (at the end of 2022 or 2023) -Shahai-Restart Listening Thunder

"Old Nine Gates", "Emperor Sea Qinling Sands", "Sand Sea", "Ghost Blowing Lantern", "Tomb Raider 2".