This girl is named Yang Rui and Zhong Hanliang,

"One Touch" Zhong Hanliang played a pair of twins in both corners in it. The girl played Yang Muchi's wife and Japanese spy in it.

In the Shanghai beach in the 1930s, a family tragedy separated the twin brothers Achu and Aci in the 襁褓 襁褓.

Achu was hugged into the wealthy businessman of Shanghai, and his status was humble, but he became a famous doctor after returning to China because of his young master. Aci joined the underground party of the Communist Party of China and returned to China to grow into a red agent lurking in the Heart of the Kuomintang. Achu participated in the scientific research of the mysterious "Thunder" plan in the UK. As the culprit of family tragedies more than 20 years ago, Xu Yuzhen, a Japanese spy "Empire Flower" lurking in China, decided to implement the "Thunder" plan at the expense and brothers. The two were placed in a dead place, a shocking conspiracy, a family hatred, and in the process of revealing the truth, the two brothers were misunderstood by hostility, suspected of each other to each other, and joined forces to fight against the enemy. Donation for the country, Achu carried the hatred of the country, and continued to lurk in the name of Aci to start a new struggle.

Yang Rui

"IMMINENT CRISIS" is a military suspense TV series produced by Beijing Glory Century Culture and Art Co., Ltd., directed by Ganlu, Zhang Yong, Zhong Hanliang, Yang Rui, Li Yan, Xu Cuicui, Li Liqun, Ding Ziling, Li Ying and others.