From the "Poetry of Hangzhou" poet Huang Zeng from the Qing Dynasty.

Poetry text:

The color is not fascinating, and the lover's eyes are out of Xi Shi.

If you have a thousand miles, you will meet, and the three laughter will be a fool.


The first two sentences mean that because of the love of admiration, I feel that the other woman is everywhere, and she fully presents a state of self -intoxication. The last two sentences are that if you have a fate with each other, you can meet at a certain moment even after a thousand miles away, because of the accidental smile. There is a taste of a thousand miles of marriage. The allusions of the three laughter came from the legend of Tang Bohu.

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About the Author:

Huang Zeng, born on September 14, 1900, was born in Dunwen Village, Liemin District, Suixi County, Leizhou County, Guangdong Province. In 1920, he was admitted to the No. 1 Seed Industrial School of Guangdong Province. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1922.

In 1923, the organization and leadership of the Guangdong Farmers Movement began. In July 1924, he joined the Guangzhou Farmers Movement Specialty Institute. After graduation, he served as a special agent of the Farmers Movement of the Central Farmers Department of the Chinese Kuomintang Central Committee.

Reference materials:

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The color is not fascinating and the self -confidence does not know the source, but there is a phrase "not fascinating people"

Explanation: Flowers will not be charming, and they are beautiful because they like people. Refers to people's affection for something.

Source: Ming Schinaza's "Water Margin" is the 21st: "The wine is not drunk, and it is fascinating and fascinated.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder

Explanation: The metaphor is that because there is feelings, I feel that there is nothing beautiful in the other party

Source: Qing Zhai Yan's "Editor of the Race · Women": "In the eyes of a lover, Xishi, despicable."

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The color is not fascinating, and the lover's eyes are out of Xi Shi. Thousands of miles have a fate to meet, and the three laughter lived.