The TV animation "There are Lingshan Mountain in the past" (Banquet of Lingjian Mountain Stars) is adapted from the original online comic of the same name adapted from His Majesty, pig painting and bacteria. The animation is produced by Japanese animation company Studio Deen.

The Chinese online version will be updated at 10:00 every Friday on January 8, 2016.

The Japanese TV version premiered on AT-X, Japanese TV station on Friday, January 8, 2016 [1]. Mainland China is updated at 10:00 every Friday on January 15th.

"The second season of Lingjian Mountain in the past" (Lingjian Mountain leads to wise qualifications) began to be broadcast in January 2017. [2-3]

Chinese name

There was a Lingjian Mountain in the past

Original name

Banquet of Shan Shan Xing Dandle の Banquet

Other name

Banquet of Lingjian Mountain Stars [1]

Animation production

Studio deen


All 12 words


Fairy, fantasy


China, Japan [4]


His Majesty (Original), Pig Painting & Mochemical Xiaomo (Comics) [5]


Suzuki Xing [5]



role conception

Nianyano Maki

Painting supervision

Ishii Kazuko


Kawasaki Ryo

Mainly dubbing

Dai Yongyi, Yamaguchi Yukiko, Nakamura Yiko

Premiere television station

AT-X [1]


January 8th to March 25, 2016

Other TV stations

Sun TV station

KBS Kyoto

Aizhi TV Station

Tokyo MX

Network playback

Tencent Video (Mainland China) (Mainland China)

LeTV (Mainland China)

IQiyi (Mainland China)

PPTV (Mainland China) unfold


Lingjian Mountain Production Committee


Frontier Works [4]

publish time

March 23, 2016-August 24th (all 6 volumes) [1]

In the past, there were Lingjian Mountain (2016)

Director: Suzuki / Li Hao Ling

Screenwriter: Suzuki

Starring: Daiyongyi / Nakamura Yizi / Nishida Yayi / Kobayashi Discussion / Nakazhong Wanli River / Lin Di / Jiangkou Kaizi / Yamaguchi Yuki

Type: Animation

Production Country / Region: Mainland China / Japan

Language: Japanese / Chinese Mandarin

Premiere: 2016-01-11

Edition: 12

Single collection length: 24 minutes