"People are iron rice are steel" is an era emotional drama produced by Beijing Forbidden City Films Liability Co., Ltd. Directed by Ma Junzheng, starring the nursery, Li Xinyi, Feng Yuanzheng and Li Mengnan.

Nanyi actor Feng Yuanzheng: The cafeteria chef is a person who loves food. In such a period of lack of material, with his superb and superb cooking skills, he rely on a few ingredients to make the factory cafeteria taste tasteful and become a very popular figure in the factory. However, in such a special era, the cafeteria was also staring at the position of countless people. This always dragged into contradictions and disputes again and again.


1. Feng Yuanzheng plays the "Palm" factory cafeteria chef. Feng Yuanzheng burst into fried food very well, so many of the dramas of the hand were played by him, frying, cooking, cooking, frying, swords, and pots.

2. The nursery claims that the show is the most "eaten" TV series she has filmed. For the nursery, when the shooting is filming, it is very special to open the eyes.

3. The play is the fourth collaboration after Li Mengnan and the Nursery's "The Story of the Emergency Room", "The Bulls and Stealing" and "The Sun Yan Yan".