details as follows:

Ye Chong: Due to the new type of virus designed and developed by Qingquan Ueno, he died on the train to Yan'an.

Chi Cheng: He finally survived and proposed to Jin Xiang. He should reorganize the economy of Hong Kong.

Lin Xiaozhuang: Survive and prepare to go to Yan'an after Ye Chong went to Yan'an.

Miyamoto: Because he went to Shanghai alone, looking for Ye Chong, he was designed by Ye Chong, and died in an explosion.

Qingquan Ueno: Because Ye Chong's negotiations failed, he died under Ye Chong's muzzle.

Sato Daizang: Due to drunk, he died under Ye Chong's throat.

Evaluation of episodes:

"Autumn Cicada" has a few episodes in the beginning of the narrative ability and image expression. However, Cheng Ye idols are also idols. Although Ren Jialun is already a powerful actor among the young actors, it is not difficult to see that the protagonist's protagonist halo around the actor is still too much in this drama.

Ye Chong warned the other party in several confrontation with the underground party members. Although he was suspected by the Japanese intelligence staff, he could still be resolved through crisis again and again. Sometimes it was difficult to say.