I think there are a lot of, such as conquest and Mr. Hao

The TV series "Conquest" starring Sun Honglei is an excellent work in the hearts of many people. The role of Liu Huaqiang was interpreted by Sun Honglei. There are many wonderful clips in the play, which are very classic. The role of Zhou Guoquan is very personal. In the TV series, he can really play, and he obviously finds himself, but he pretends to be someone else. He and Wu Tian's classic lines are very realistic. Liu Huaqiang Dou Feng Biao is a very exciting clip in the TV.

The TV series "Conquest" is also a TV series adapted through real events. Among them, the protagonist Liu Huaqiang also has a person. It was also a major case in Hebei Province and even the country. After Liu Huaqiang's role was shaped by Sun Honglei with a stingy Sun Honglei, it became a classic of the mainland's black -themed film and television drama.

In 2016, this "Mr. Good" was hit, and Sun Honglei and Jiang Shuying, the protagonists, were also loved by the audience. This play mainly tells the love story of Lu Yuan (Sun Honglei), who is a chef Michelin, takes care of his late friend daughter, and then with Jiang Lai (Jiang Shuying).

Sun Honglei is perfectly interpreting the theme of "Mr. Good". In the play, he is a very contradictory figure. He plays a 38 -year -old Western chef, but he is indeed a man he likes to do, smoking, drinking, drinking, and gambling. Rogue scum, but he is also the northern man who is proficient in English and French Spanish. He brought his friend's daughter and gradually found his sense of existence. After encountering Jiang Lai, he slowly regained a new life. In general, Sun Honglei played the number of TV dramas. All of them were more beautiful. They were also a great god of acting.

1. "Take Dad to Study Abroad"

"Bringing Dad to Study abroad" is directed by Yao Xiaofeng, and Sun Honglei, Xin Yanlei, Zeng Shunzhen, Jiang Yiyi starring, Liu Mintao, Tu Songyan, and Yang Yan starring in urban family dramas. The play tells the story of parent -child and study abroad through three groups of different families with tears and bitterness in the accompanying life.

2. "Mr. Good"

"Mr. Good" is jointly produced by Ningmeng Film, Shaanxi Wendou (Film and Television) Yida Investment Co., Ltd., LeTV Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Changjiang Culture Co., Ltd. Directed by Zhang Xiaobo, starring Sun Honglei, Jiang Shuying, Wang Yaoqing, and Che Xiao, Zhang Yixing and Guan Xiaotong starred in the urban emotional TV series of Wan Qian, Dong Yong, and Feng Jiayi's friendly guest.

3. "Hunting Ground"

"Hunting Ground" is directed by Jiang Wei and Fu Wei, starring the city workplace dramas starring Hu Ge, Xi Renzi, Chen Long, Wan Qian and other. The play is based on the urban society as the background. It tells the story of Zheng Qiudong's workplace, the ups and downs of the Shanghai, and the ten years of butterfly changes.

The play premiered on Hunan Satellite TV on November 6, 2017, and broadcast on LeTV video, mango TV, Youku, Tencent video, iQiyi, PP video, YouTube synchronous broadcasting

4. "Two Cannons"

"Two Cannons" is produced by Xinli Media, directed by Kang Honglei, screenwriter for Xiao theodie, starring Sun Honglei, Hai Qing, Sun Qian, and Qin Weidong.

The play tells that after the tribe was shot and killed throughout the tribe, the only survivor was the only survivor to start a special death with the Japanese professional sniper with his own shooting talent. The story of the real revolutionary warrior of the Wei Guo.

On December 24, 2014, he landed on Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Dongfang and Tianjin Satellite TV golden files and Shandong Satellite TV non -golden files. On January 1, 2015, he landed on the afternoon of the Beijing Satellite TV. On March 12, 2015, the second round of the Golden file of Guizhou Satellite TV was broadcast.

5. "One Generation Hero"

"One Generation" is adapted from Shaanxi writer Ye Guangling's novel "Aoyagawa". It is jointly produced by Shanghai New Culture Media Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huantianxi Film Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinbaoyuan Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd. Modern legendary drama starring Chen Shu.

The play is based on the poverty and backward Shaanxi town in the southern Shaanxi town in the 1920s, and it tells the aversion to his father who returned from the abroad as a revenge of his father, injecting the new style of his hometown with advanced ideas, and at a critical moment, he went to the PLA. , Practice the stories of peace and liberation of Fenglei Town.

Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Sun Honglei

The TV series starring Sun Honglei include "Never Wit", "Like Fog like Rain and Wind", "Mei Lanfang", "Big Artisan", "Conquest", "Half -Writes", "Master", "Mr. Good", "Mr. Good", "Mr. Good", "Mr. Good", "Two Cannons" and so on.

Sun Honglei was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province in 1970. In 1998, he appeared in a small role in the TV series "Never Eyes" adapted from Haiyan's novel, and entered the entertainment industry since then.

"Never Eyes", "Police Family", "For the Pure Land", "The Suns Not Falling Mountains", "Like Fog, Rain and Wind", "Righteousness and Relief" (Black Triangle) "Behind Blossom", "Conquest", "Military Songs Light", "Going", "Going" "Too Happiness", "My Non -Heroes", "Fanfu Courtyard", "Blade 1937", "Half -Road Couples", "Big Craftsman", "Please On the Great", "Huru", "The Rights on the World", "Going to Study in Dad"