The box office of Li Chen's first film "Sky hunt" was finally settled at 317 million. This movie is a movie of the Air Force theme of Li Chen's first. Originally, he originally wanted to set off a new ones with the heat of "War Wolf 2". Watch the frenzy. However, people are not as good as heaven. Although the movie is continuously, the hot spots are constantly, and the publicity continues, but the box office is embarrassing, and Li Chen tears many times to promote the scene.

The film invested 200 million, and the box office was only more than 30 million. According to the box office distribution rules, the box office needs to reach 600 million to not lose money. In this way, Fan Bingbing Li Chen lost heavy losses. In fact, when this movie was just finished, there was a chance to make money, because the issuer gave Fan Bingbing a guarantee of 1 billion, that is, no matter whether the movie box office can reach 1 billion, Fan Bingbing Li Chen can earn 3 100 million, but Fan Bingbing Li Chen refused.

At that time, the two of them refused to refuse the producer's guarantee at the time. The first is because the "Wolf Warrior 2" box office is 5.6 billion. As a film that promotes patriotism with the same subject, it seems that the Dongfeng of War Wolf 2 can set off a wave of viewing. The second is that the film National Day is released, which itself has the time and time. The third is Li Chenfan's huge popularity. The fans of the two add up to more than 100 million, and half of the fans watch the box office. Fourth, the proportion of the bottom of the bottom is lower. It is for these four reasons that the two rejected the issuer's guarantee and lost 300 million.

How to divide the movie box office? Xiaobian Baidu, all the film revenue first paid a special business tax of 3.3%, and 5%of the special funds of the film industry, and the remaining 91.7%was identified as a "boss box office" of a movie. In other words, among the 100 yuan box office, 5 yuan is a movie fund that is paid, with a tax of 3.3 yuan, the remaining 91.7 yuan, the theater and theater line of 57 yuan, the publisher producer 34.7 yuan, the final producer Can get back about 33 yuan.

"Empty Heaven Hunt" invested more than two billion yuan. According to the above, it was only one million yuan, and it lost more than one billion yuan. In order to realize the dream of Li Chen's director, Fan Bingbing lost a 100 million. No wonder Fan Bingbing asked Li Chen to make a movie when he participated in the show? Fan Bingbing replied: It's enough to complete the dream! Also, no matter how rich you are, not all actors can be directors.

After a loss of 100 million, Fan Bingbing did not blame Li Chen, but also comforted. From here, it can be seen that Fan Ye is really powerful. It can also be seen that Fan Bingbing Li Chen is definitely true love. Bless Fan Bingbing, Li Chen, always happy, and agree with the consent!