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Introduction: "Twin Concubine" is produced by Penguin Film and Television, produced by Yuzhou Film and Television, directed by Yuande, Yang Shiye serves as the screenwriter, Zhao Jie and Yang Shuo are the chief producers, Liang Jie, Xing Zhaolin, Wang Ruichang, ZhongQi, Sun Yining, Xin Ruiqi and others starring in the love online drama.

The play is adapted from the novels of Brahma, "The Concubine of Highlights: Grandpa, I Wait for you to rest", telling the Shangshu Qianjinqu Xiaotan from modern times to Dongyue Kingdom, and accidentally met the eight kings Mo Liancheng who attracted 10,000 people in Dongyue Kingdom.The two have gone through twists and turns, from suspicion, temptation to trust and love, and eventually become a love story that rejoices the enemies.

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