Nanjing and Nanjing I watched it popular! Intersection

I haven't done any deletion, I hope you like it! Intersection

Watching the online watch address: (But first of all, you want to install a popular player !!! This will be it)

It is high -definition, but this movie was shot black and white! Intersection See a bit dizzy! Intersection

After answering

After the director will wait for the director to make a special extended version of the DVD, it will be placed in it! Lu Chuan said!

Now the cinema is released, piracy on the Internet and the genuine DVD on the market will not have what you say!

Because Liu Ye and Gao Yuanyuan were just finished, and there was no editing in the later stage!

Later, because I changed the script, I didn't put it in the movie! Intersection It's deleted!

This version is still in the editing of the director, and this version will appear in the future, and now all the claims are fake.

In addition, a person who answers the question is noticed. It is not that you can look bad if others are not good. Think about what you have done for your motherland and what qualifications are you pointed to others.

Find me, you can pass it to you

I'm looking for it too