It is called "Shenzhou Heroes".


During the Southern Song Dynasty, martial arts killed each other. In order to find the legendary sword demon god palace, the Qingcheng faction Li Cheng led his disciples into the place where the Snow Demon School was located -Shengyou Valley. Although Xiao Yuxue (Xueer) was injured by the Princess Xue Mo, he also entered the Sword Demon Palace, and opened the agency to close the God Palace. Li Cheng finally fled.

Xueer said to her mother -the saffron ghost mother (already the leader of the Snow Demon). It turned out that twenty years ago, she was chased and killed because of Cher's parents practicing safflowers and grabbing bones. His father was killed. Xueer and his mother were rescued by the Snow Demon Lord. The palace is closed and the valley is not allowed. The time has arrived, so I sent Xueer first.

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Ending introduction

In order to deal with Yunfei, Shangguan Ping invited Gong Sun Yan's master Miao Jiang a ghost. Miao was poisonous to Yun Fei, and Yun Fei died. In order to save Yun Fei, Xueer promised Gongsun Yan to make the two of them marry, but he was sad and white. Gongsun Yan died of poisoning after saving live clouds with his own destiny, and the little tiger was very sad.

Xueer disappeared after rescue his parents. Yun Fei and Xiaohu defeated Shang Guanping's group together. Yun Fei learned from Xiao Xiaotiankou that Xueer had a white head overnight, painful, and vowed to walk around the end of the world. He also had to find Xueer and let her recover her youth.

After three years of hard work, Yun Fei learned about Xueer outside the Serbia. The lover finally became a dependent, and the two after twists and turns, and finally reconciled. Everyone eliminated Shangguan Ping's group in one fell swoop. At this time, Fumian Fairy on the mountain bloomed, and Cher returned to his youthful hair. Yun Fei and Xueer bid farewell to everyone, a pair of fairy family members traveling to Shenzhou.

Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Shenzhou Heroes

Shenzhou Heroes (1984)

Director: Zhouyou

Starring: Meng Fei / Pan Yingzi / Wu Yuanjun

Production Country/Region: Taiwan

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Edition: 33

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Produced by Taiwan China TV.

Hundreds of years ago, there were two martial arts wizards in the rivers and lakes. The sword demon done begged and the jade female fairy. The two were loveders, but they could not be together because of various misunderstandings. The fairy also founded the jade girl. She hated it from love, created her own swordsmanship, and wanted to defeat the sword demon alone for defeat by this sword method, and then depressed. The sword demon Dugu was ashamed of defeat. In order to miss the fairy of the king, he also created his own swordsmanship and swordsmanship. Finally, he sealed the entrance of the Sword Demon God Palace.

There are talented people in the rivers and lakes. Twenty years ago, the five -sword alliance led by Qingcheng faced the red flowers Shuangsha, and the red flowers were defeated. Fortunately, he was unable to die. He was rescued by the Snow Demon Snow Demon ancestor, granted martial arts, trained into a ghost ghost claw, and took over the Snow Demon School. The big disciple of Qingcheng failed to fall in love with thousands of hands, but he rejected his wife and eloped with Qian Qian's lady. His wife couldn't bear the ruthless blow, madly, laughed, and didn't know. Although the red flower Shuangsha's Xiao Xiaotian was besieged on the same day, he was rescued by the martial arts heteroic people Tianchi.

Twenty years later, the infant carried by the saffron ghost mother had grown into a Tingting girl, and she was unique. She had a beautiful name "Xiao Yuxue" and the nickname of snow witch. The abandoned son of Qingyun Jushi also grew into a handsome youth, named "Bai Yunfei", and became the most beloved disciple of Qiu Fengchun, the head of Qingcheng School. The story revolves around the love story of the two.

The saffron ghost mother led the Snow Demon School, Xiao Xiaotian led the devil door to find revenge from the five sword alliances such as the Qingcheng School, but the father and son of the devil door were different, and they wanted to set up Xiao Xiaotian and the red flower ghost mother to death. The disciples of the people on the Tianchi also came to the Central Plains, trying to unify the Central Plains Wulin with strange martial arts. Since then, there have been many factions. In order to save Bai Yunfei, Xiao Yuxue's unfortunate eyes were blind, and she fell off the cliff, but because of her fate, she served the millennium Zhu Guo, her eyes were re -entered, and she entered the Jade Girl Palace. Bai Yunfei also has a miracle, entering the Sword Devil's Palace, and Xi Cheng's love swordsmanship. The two went out of the rivers and lakes, and they were invincible. Unexpectedly, they colluded with the old monster with the master Miao Jiang, Baiyunfei poisoned, no medicinal can be solved, and her life was critical. Disciples, Bai Yunfei's sisters) detoxify, but Gongsun Yan knows that detoxification needs a combination of men and women, and he will die after detoxification. During the chaos, Gongsun Yan accidentally killed Bai Yunfei's crazy girl. Gongsun Yan was determined to detoxify Bai Yunfei. She made a request to marry Bai Yunfei. Xiao Yuxue agreed that on the wedding night of Gongsun Yan, Xiao Yuxue had a white head overnight. It was dawn, Bai Yunfei recovered, but Gongsun Yan's life's lamp has been burned out. She finally replaced Bai Yunfei's life with her life, and finally died in her lover Fang Xiaohu (Bai Yunfei, the new generation of Qingcheng School, The head, practicing Jiuyang Shen Gong) in her arms.

Xiao Yuxue was called a white hair witch after white hair. She walked away and looked for Youyixian flowers that could make white hair black. She refused to meet Bai Yunfei for three years.Xianxianhua, but Youyu Xianhua takes fifty years to open once.Inflamination, Miao Jiang's strange monster practiced Jiuyang's magical power, trying to unify Wulin.Xiao Yuxue, Bai Yunfei, and Fang Xiaohu jointly destroyed the inconsistent and Miao Jiang old strange monsters.Xiao Yuxue and Bai Yunfei finally released their suspicions and flew towards the distance.Yitian Tu Longji Su Youpeng Edition or Wu Qihua Edition

Yitian Tu Long Ji

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