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Guan Dawei is a company in the military division of Luyu, Zhi Yong, Shuangquan, in the battle of the Executive reconnaissance mission, to protect the comrades into the heavy injury, wake up, mistakenly Fight the captain of the army. In a brutal big sweep, due to the quitter's sale and enemy conspiracy, Guan Daw River suffers from losing organization, and even the pain of life and death, the comrades of life and death, but did not lose the revolutionary fighting spirit, although only One person is alone, he is born in the enemy camp in the enemy camp with an unlimited loyalty to the Eighth Route Army Warrior. He is like a lonely hero, saving his comrades, killing the enemy, planning the war, caving the camp riots, saving many warriors of our army, so that the enemy smells. He gave his belief to the party to the party to the comrades, and the comrades passed through a continuous life and death fight, smashed the enemy bloody and cruel iron wall, and finally took action to prove the boldness, achieved The final victory.

summary of the story

In 1942, the enemy conducted a cruel iron wall with a brutal iron wall in the Yulu Military Region, and a military partition was independently and looked at Changuan Dawei, and the main breakout of the independent covering army division, when they had completed the task, they received reports. I found that several female soldiers did not break out in the enemy.

Guan Dawei River is resolutely leading his comrades again into the enemy again. All the way, finally saved the soldiers such as Li Fen. However, the enemy a few times of the horse will be surrounded by them.

Guan Da River breaks around the comrades, alone is alone. Li Fen and his comrades were successful, but Guan Da River was hit in a coma by artillery fire, and the enemy was killing the battlefield. Guan Da River put a madwear squad leader's outerwear, Qiao Zhao Xixing, the captain of the military, wanted to continue to break out. In the half-way, I met the bandit Zhang Xiaotian hijacked to visit the husband's Watanabe and Watanabe's original love and daughter's Sakura. It was unintentionally rescued the original love and Sakura. Bring back to the county, becoming Zhao Xing, director of the Emperor Association.

Guan Dawei river has already determined that independence is hidden, preparing for a network, when he tried to go out of the Emperor Xingjun Brigade on the two armies, returning to independent reports. He led independence to break through the weak links from the enemy. Who knows that the Fate Board of the embarrassment has long been ambush, and Liu deputy chief and the row of rigid sacrifice. Only the instructors have successfully successfully completed the Junmi Radio.

Watanabe, Gray Order raised the Guanzhi River in the blood to the field of field hospitals. This scene was seen by the 8th Army Warrior in the bloody, Zhang Wuhang and his comrades began suspicion of Guanzhang River. After raising the injury in the enemy hospital, Guan Da River is trying to find a team, and the Gray brigade of him has always been ahead of Gray brigade. He knocked down on the road, and he jumped into the mountain to find a team. On the road, I met the national army of the original understanding. Xiao Chami invited him to join the national army, he refused, he said he was cultivated by the Communist Party, and the Eighth Route Army is his home. Guan Da River has lived on his comrades and organizational tests. Always put themselves as a firm communist and independent warrior.

The Eighth Route Army cadres he saved told him that in the situation, the identity of the Emperor Union, to do underground work, can rescue more comrades, more than returned to the troops, play a greater role. He heard it. So, during the day, he was the Shuangli of the Emperor Zhuangjun, and the night is a hero of the masked. He bombed the enemy arsenal, burned the enemy grain library, released the detained army captured warrior, and protects the comrades to be caught by the enemy.

In the spring of the mountain, he encountered another team of the headquarters who made the people into the headquarters of the people. He since his lovers Li Fen, mistakenly thought that Li Fen, who had rebellious, could not go away, cold as frost. In the face of hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war, the prisoners of prisoners of war were associated with centralized camp, and Guan Dahe was determined to rescue this batch of prisoners, and organized the prisoners of war. The loyalty and silent battle of Guan Da River finally touched Li Fen, Li Vinci fell to help him organize riots.

Zhang Wu Chang, which is said to be sacrificed in the prisoners. In order to protect Zhang Wuhang, Guan Daw River will often go to the side of the world.

According to the riosity plan, Zhang Wu often went to contact the bandit Zhang Xiaotian. Zhang Wu often did not dare to determine Guan Dawei is true riot, Li Fen and dispute. The two quarrers were heard by Ghom. Gramon is adjusted to advanced agents, and the pursuit of eight-way army war wells, mixed into the war camp. Kong Qingxi finally cracked the riotic plan. So, Zhang Wuchang, Li Fen, the nirvana of Zodiac Chang, and the nirising were captured. Guan Da River contact Zhang Xiaotian, returning to the military camp, also caught.

Gehum is in order to leave the River and the life and death comrades, and the prisoners of prisoners will hate the Guan Daw River. But Li Fen does not believe that it is the secret of Guan Dahe. Guan Da River suffered from rowing, but never surrendered. At the same time, carrying the grievances, considering how to launch riots, how to find true rape. The original love learned that Guan Da River was originally an eight-year army, came over, and persuaded him. Guan Da River uses the original love to persuade the machine, and the situation will hold a lotus and launch riots.

Successful riots, the prisoners of prisoners fled into the mountains, after the Guan Dawei river finished the blocking, failed to find Zhang Wuhang team, once again become a lonely warrior. He is alone, and it is in the wilderness of the mountains and the wilderness. It uses the skills of the people, fearless, blooming youth and blood loyalty, destroying the enemy countless, so that the enemy smells. He also helped the national army Xiao Chi to fight the devil and transformed Zhang Xiaotian's bandits into anti-Japanese teams. Soon, the main force of the Eighth Route Army hit, he found the organization. After careful investigation, the organization was determined that Guan Dafa was misunderstood, and he recovered his positioning, and he praised his loyalty to the organization and the motherland. Guan Daw River immediately found that Kong Qingxi is mixed into independent respondents. The exposed Kong Qingxi hit Li Fen to the county. Zhang Wu often apologized to Guan Dafu. At the same time, he and the Guan Dafu river will rescue Li Fen, and finally saved Li Fen, and found that the original love that pretended to pursue Guanzhi River and entering the base. But on the way to rescue Hugant, they were pursued by Gram. In order to cover the main river and Li Fen, Zhang Wu often sacrificed its own.

After returning to the partition with Li Fen, it will count, let the original love pass the false information, then destroy the enemy and recover the county. Chinese children represented by Guan Da River, Zhang Wu Chang, Li Fen, gave loyalty to the party to the party to the comrades, and the comrades have passed continuous life and death, crushing the enemy bloody and brutal iron The wall is surrounded, and finally proves its own boldness, and achieves the last victory. Use the loyalty to the motherland to write a song of youth.

Play type

Modern revolutionary inspirational war drama

Brand team

Total Price: Zhao Rui Yong Director: Feng Zhe

Screenwriter: Zhao Rui Yong Xu Haibin 编 编 编 编

Actor lineup

乐 关 大 河

Jiang Linjing Li Fen

Lee handsome

Wu Wei's original love

Zhang Xiaochen

Yang Hongwu ferry

Li Bing Lei Decoction Zhang Xiaotian

Zhang Yizhen, Li Erg