That is not called Thunder Warrior, called "Thunder Police"!

Chinese name: Thunder Police Police

Foreign name: China Strike Force

Other translation names: Thunder Cop

Production time: 2000

Production company: Central Co., Ltd.

Production area: Hong Kong, China

Shooting location: Shanghai, China

Shooting date: June 2000

Director: Tang Jili

Screenwriter: Tang Jili, Steven Whitney

Producer: Zheng Zhenbang, Tang Jili, Dong Yunshi, etc.

Type: police bandit action

Starring: Guo Fucheng, Fujiwara Kyoko, Wang Lihong, Lin Xinru

Shop long: 103 minutes

Release time: December 21, 2000

Box office: $ 20,913,506

Division language: Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Color: color

IMDB coding: color

------- Edited from Baidu Encyclopedia

"Thunder Police" is a police bandit movie directed by Tang Jili in 2000, starring Guo Fucheng, Fujiwara Kyoko, Wang Lihong, Lin Xinru and other. The film mainly tells the story of two young Chinese public security investigators Tang Zhongcheng (Guo Fucheng) and Zhang Li (Wang Lihong) cooperated with the Japanese Interpol Norika (Fujiwara Tosi) to eliminate the International Transport Poison Group.

Among the clothing shows that showed noble officials in Shanghai, they gathered ghosts and ghosts, and a hidden dangerous storm was touched.

At this time, a gangster was assassinated. In a mess, two young Chinese public security investigators Dalen/Tang Zhongcheng (Guo Fucheng) and Aires/Zhang Li (Wang Lihong) immediately tracked the gangsters and launched an investigation. Essence

Daren cooperated with the Japanese Interpol Norika/Kyoko (Fujiwara Toshika) to eliminate the International Transportation Group. The two were arranged to participate in fashion performances secretly, and Ji Xiangzhang took the risk to pretend to be a model. They also love each other in action. Although they discovered the whereabouts of drugs, they had no evidence to arrest these gangsters in case. It turned out that behind the scenes, there were American drug lords Kuolo and Luo in the X control overall situation, which also made the case more complicated and difficult. On the other hand, Ji Xiang also wanted to share a share with the American poison. The most bold was to meet with the nakedness of Kuili Ouchi to win their trust.

When Ji Xiang was successfully conducting her plan, she did not expect that she was arrested by the police in a trap. In the case, she had to admit that she was the Interpol in Japan. He joined forces with Dalen and Aires. Unexpectedly, Ji Xiang was abducted by Kulio, causing Dalen and Ellis to be trapped in a crisis.