Good -looking sniper movie rankings: "Save the Big Soldiers Ryan" and "Bingjia City". Recommend "Binglin City", the background of this film is set during World War II, the plot is tight and exciting, which is a very classic sniper movie.

Sniper movie rankings:

1. "Under the City"; 2. "Sniper"; 3. "Target"; 4. "Life and Death Sniper"; 5. "Sniper Professional Killer".

"Life and Death Sniper" plot introduction:

Sniper Bob Li Swag, who has served in the U.S. army and has performed well on the battlefield and has performed well on the battlefield. After Swaig's persistence, he brought his loyal love dog to the remote Arkansas. Starting to live a long -awaited peaceful life.

The tranquility life did not last long, and was ruthlessly broken. Swag's former boss took a team of people to come to the door. Hope that with his experience of sniper, he helped when the president held a street speech and served as a bodyguard in the dark. Because the government had previously received news that there would be a action with terrorists or killers, which is not good for the President's personal safety. The kind and honest Swag could not stand the persuasion of his boss, and he agreed to accept the task.

On the day of the president's speech, Swag was monitored in the building opposite the podium. Suddenly a gunshot suddenly, the president's personal bodyguard fell to the ground. When Swag was about to grab the gunman, a policeman suddenly broke into the door, pointed at him with a gun, and asked Swag to surrender. Swag, who hadn't returned, was wanted as a suspect that assassinated the president. Fortunately, Swag was agile, and a shot fell out of the window and fled the scene.

After thinking carefully, Swagfield was sober, and it turned out that he was framed from the beginning as a scapegoat. As a result, Swag desperately launched an investigation, chasing the real murderer, and carried out the crime for himself.

1. "Bingli City"

2. "Sniper"

3. "Target"

4. "Life and Death Sniper"

5. "Sniper Professional Killer"

6. "Save the Big Soldier Ryan"

7. "Pot Glip"

8. "Sniper Phone Pavilion"

9. "Wanted Order"

10. "First Drop Blood 4"

"Objective" is a psychological master movie that is still selling. Bobby Thompson murdered his wife and mother, and then started a crazy killing, killed countless people, and at the same time avoided the police until Byron · Okoc, a policeman who almost retired finally caught up with him.

1. Soldiers are under the city

2. Life and death sniper

3. American sniper

4. Female sniper

5. All -metal housing

6. Sniper (1993)

7. Gunner (2002)

8. Assassination base

9. The last bullet

10. Hunter