TV drama

Chen Baixiang

In 1978, "Youth Surging" 1979 "Chu Liuxiang" was arrested for almost 1979 "Choice" to be used as a king 1980 "King of Thousands of Kings" to decorate the young master of the rich family (the one who wanted to pursue Sydney) 1980 "Shanghai Beach" decorated with the police in 1980 "Shanghai Beach Sequel" Dr. "Lu Ding Ji" in "Lu Ding Ji" Lu Yifeng's 2003 "Kung Fu Football" decoration, football commentator 2005 "Mature Woman" decoration of Bisi (private detective)


In 1978, "Chase Running and Jumping", "Sister Sisters" 1982 "The Goddess of Love", "Beautiful Hand" and "The King of the Thief" as Xiao Zhangren (arrogant son) "The Demon Hunter" as the Bai Lan's "82 Ten Guests" Ji Bing Shao's "Modern Master" 1983 "Drummer" and "Flower Heart Shao" decorated Lolanto 1984 "Good Colors into You" and "Frog Prince" as "Nangdou Officer San Dou Northern Master". Du "Lolanto" The Ghost Ghost "as the principal Apple" Phoenix Crazy Dragon "as Police Officer He 1985 Chen Baixiang-Zhu Zhishan

"Modern Immortal" is decorated with Chen Qi "Ghost Horse Flying Man" and "Happy Three Life Cannons" as "Summer Fu Xing" as an elevator passenger "Seeking Love Anti -Fighting Star" as Hongjiabao "Three Treasures of Smart Yong" 1986 "Magic Emerald" 》 During the 1987 "Magic High School", "Golden Swallow", "Catching Iraqi", "Rotten Gambling Heroes" decorated with Lolando "Hardcover Chasing Girls" as the traffic light "Tianci Liangzhi" as Ben 1988 "Black Heart Ghost", " "Fire Dance" "Best Friends" decorate Tan Shichao's "Hardcover Chasing Girl II" decorated with the traffic light "The Best Damaged Friends Crossing Love" Tan Shi Chao "Mr. Hit the Evil" Old Color King "Dahua Discover" decoration Dai Licha Richard's 1989 "Little Police" and "Wow Ghost Co., Ltd." decorated with the furry leopard "Meng Ghost Dance Hall", "Master Ghost Master", "Best Boyfriend" and "Towel Note" as Xie Fei "Double Sister 唛 唛 唛 唛"Ghosts" decorated with "Fu Xing Entering the Rivers and Lakes" as Chen Gang, "Ghosts and Ghosts", "Return to the Old Boys" as the Gong Gong Pig King 1990 "Ghost Living in the Persis" as Chen Bailong "The Supreme Planning Champion" Pit "Fortune Corps" and "Modern Rulai God Palm" as Achi "Pretty 100 points" as plastic surgeon "Sky Master Catching" as Ya Xiang "Millennium Banshe" and "End Note" 1991 "Winning Expert", "Realm"门 Expert "" Giant Night Banquet "," 12 Hours of the Sky "as Dr. Ferrari

Tang Bohu Point Qiu Xiang 2 stills (8 photos) "Xin Jingwumen 1991" as Aiu 1992 "Manga Wulong" as Aiu "Wu Charian Su Qier" as the official department Shang Shu "Lu Ding Ji's" Ghost "decorated with male ghost deer Ding Ji 2 Shenlong religion

"Lu Ding Ji 2 Shenlong religion" decorated Doron in 1993 "Cheese Ham" as Zheng Lat's "Huang Feihong's Iron Chicken Fighting", "Guangdong Five Tiger Iron Fist Invincible Sun Yat -sen", "Escape Study 3 Dragon of the Chicken" The cousin's "Super School Overlord" shows the "Supreme 2 Sixth Reerexic Sky Stole the Sky" to the Singapore Gambler "Tang Bo Hu Dian Qiu Xiang" as Zhu Zhishan 1994 "The Sky of Love" decorated with Ala "The Saint of the Saint 2 in Gambling 2" in 1995 The competition commented on "No Face" and "People in the Dream of One Thousand and One Nights" as Huang Yumin's 1996 "Fortune Zhi Zhi Lat" as Zhao De La "Five Fortune Fortune Stars"

In 1997, "Hardcover Brother and Brother" decorated Niu Dahua's "Super Invincible Chasing Girls" and "Super Invincible Fair Girl II Papaya Ambition" 1998 "Super Trick Overlord" decorated with Tyrannosaurus Dutch Lats in the Netherlands 1999 "Movie Duck" as Xu Qu " "Las Vegas of Gamblers" decorated with Lee Dela