A small emperor's army launched a coup and became the "king" (Zhou Runfa) Wang Chengba. He was afraid of the instability of the regime, abandoned his wife (Chen Jin), married Liang Fei, so that he was supported by Wang Xiliang. The princess became the queen (Gong Li), with half a country, but lived alone day and night, and lost love. In depression and embarrassment, I fell in love with Wang's son Yuan Xiang (Liu Ye) and his ex -wife.

The prince Yuan Shen was loved by his father, but he was weak, and he was afraid that he would not be able to avoid it. He was deeply immersed in incest and love with his nominal mother, but he was in pain and contradiction. At the same time, he also secretly played the same song with the daughter Jiang E (Li Man) and Jiang Taiyi (Ni Dahong) in the Department of Internal Medicine.

Directed by Zhang Yimou, the film "Full of Golden Armor", which costs 360 million yuan, it is scheduled to be released globally on December 21. I believe that the magnificent Forbidden City has spent a lot of money on a large -scale production of 360 million yuan. According to the Hong Kong "Ming Pao" report, "Golden Armor" not only has strong actors in front of the stage, the internationally renowned Zhou Runfa and Gong Li performances, the powerful film emperor Liu Ye and the best emerging actor Jay Chou, as well as a very good behind -the -scenes team , "Fantastic Year" and "Ambush on Ten Faces" were served as a clothing designer, and Mei Linmao served as the music director. The production cost is 360 million, and the title is not inferior to the crew. Zhang Yimou spent a lot of money, manpower and time, bringing the majestic Tang Dynasty to the front line. He sent nearly 300 workers to rebuild the original Forbidden City day and night in Hengdian Film and Television City, which lasted for five months.

Every detail inside and outside the palace is meticulous. According to reports, all layouts, including doors and 600 pillars, are carved with chrysanthemums, coated with golden brown, decorated with colored glass, and are golden. The entire palace is covered with a special 1,000 -meter -long velvet carpet. According to reports, this palace is golden everywhere, and the outside of the palace is extremely luxurious. There are chrysanthemum patterns on the outer wall of the entire palace, with a total length of more than 600 meters, like a huge chrysanthemum mural, plus more than 3 million chrysanthemums, covering an area of ​​130,000 square feet (the area is equivalent to about 25 football fields) Essence The open -air corridor of the palace is covered with more than 500 meters of red and blue carpets, and more than 600 crystal flowers are placed along the way.

I understand. This film mainly tells the wife who was a wife who had a more prominent wife because of her rights to murder the concubine and marries the more prominent status. In fact, it is a triangular love, but the battle that starts through these things.

understood. In fact, it is a story of fighting for power, and it also depicts the ruthlessness and coldness of the royal family.

I understand this movie. It is about a little prince played by Jay Chou to lead the army to kill his dad. It is very miserable and pitiful.

I don't understand this movie very well. In this film, it tells the chief of a royal family and authority.