Dance with the Wolf 3 plot introduction:

On the eve of the liberation of Chongqing, the Kuomintang prepared arsenal and important infrastructure that bombed the fog capital before the continent was evacuated.

The drama rises and declined in the turbulent autumn of the troubled times and the description of the emotional encounters and fate between Fang Mengkai, Luo Qingxuan and Dong Haimei.The lofty patriotic spirit of throwing the head and sprinkling blood.

Directed by the famous director Jin Shu, the war -themed TV series "Destruction" starring Fu Chengpeng, Ning Xiaozhi, Zhang Yuzhang and other co -starred in the Shenzhen TV drama channel "Sun Rain Theater" was launched on March 13, 2018.

As the third part of the hit drama "Dancing with the Wolf" series, "Destruction" was written according to real historical events. The script creation lasted for four years. The crew visited dozens of party history experts and experienced this history of Chongqingelder.The drama's plot suspense is clustered, and the end of the drama is interlocking.