Earlier every Saturday and Japanese anti -Japanese movies, during the New Year, played Jet Li's movies in a row. Introduce a few classics as follows:

"Taihang Mountains": Shanxi Taihang Mountain Anti -Japanese, big names, positive dramas, mainlanders play the Communist Party, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the Kuomintang, and Japanese. There are Xie Yuhou and Liang Jiahui inside, showing one side, you might as well find it. Li Yunlong and Li Youbin are negative figures.

"Flying Tiger": Shandong Zaozhuang Railway Guerrilla, Gathered Big Brands, the original class of the old water Margin and Qin Shihuang TV series. very classic. Li Youbin (traitor Qin Xiong) and Pan Changjiang (Huang Er) are not suitable for children; the wife of Wang Zhiwen (Deputy Mangdom of Railway) was bullied by the devil webmaster.

"Plain Guns": Hu Jun and Zhang Jiayi (Director of Police), they were all white faces at the time. Old Water Margin Li Zhi is Tajun. The puppet leader's wife is not suitable for the child by the devil.

"Raise your hand": Comedy.

"Ziri": Film Emperor Fu Dalong, Japanese Pure Girl, Su Russia's long -legged white girl, three people returned home from the devil's concentration camp. It is anti -war theme and needs to be studied. The impression was that the three people encountered a grassland fire. The Japanese girl was trained in military. She first ordered the surrounding grass, burned in, and jumped in, and finally escaped the fire (learning this trick to avoid fire); the devils committed suicide to the Japanese people. In the end of the war victory, the children of the Soviet Union of the Soviet Union were not suitable for swimming.

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"Investment" red sorghum six -finger piano demon Nanjing! Nanjing!

"Purple Day", "Raise your hand"

The 6th movie movie is good -looking