In this era of pursuit of speed, impetuousness is the main theme of the city, and even expressing love is simple and fast, because there are telephones and the Internet to help you get it. You only need to enjoy it in time, you do n’t need to answer, you do n’t have to wait. Look.

When I read the comments in the previous paragraph, when talking about the most exciting way of confession, the movie "The Best Time" was among them. It interprets a "thousand -mile pursuit confession" method, which makes people see the urge to fall in love immediately.

The film was released in 2005, directed by Taiwan director Hou Xiaoxian, and starring Shu Qi and Zhang Zhen. The film consists of three parts, which are love dreams, free dreams and youthful dreams.

It is particularly worth mentioning that there are very little dialogue in the movie, even some fragments, which are directly used in the form of the silent film. The audience can see the picture, but the content of the male and female protagonists can not hear the content of the male and female protagonists. Only the gentle singing sounds in the movie always surround them. Create various atmosphere in the lens.

This film was also very popular at the time. Shu Qi was the best actress of the Golden Horse Awards because of it. Director Hou Xiaoxian also won the best Taiwanese filmmaker because of this film. Back.

Shu Qi cried very sadly on the podium. This trophy was of great significance to her. With this movie, she truly became a post -level actress, letting people take off her colored glasses, and used her strength to wear her clothes away and put back again.

"Dream of Love" is the first story. The background of the story lies in a billiard room, and the heroine played by Shu Qi is beautiful. He works in this billiard room. Their love begins with a letter. The soldier, he wanted to seize this last chance to confess to Chunzi. Although the paper was full of enthusiasm, but in the end, Xiumei still did not accept it.

A few years later, A Zhen returned, and she couldn't find beautiful places in the original place. Only then did she know that she had worked elsewhere. At that time, he had no telephone network. A Zhen only knew that Xiumei worked in the billiard hall, so he went north to look north.

In the end, even if he saw beautiful, he just smiled stupidly, and then the two went to eat a bowl of noodles very well. After eating, on the rainy night back, the two slowly took their hands. At this time, the melody of "Rain and Tears" sounded. This story ends in a gentle rhythm. Love of that era.

The second story is "Dream of Liberty". It tells the story of a poet and loves the singer. This paragraph is interpreted in the way of color silent films. Only pictures and music, no conversation content.

The background design was in 1911. Zhang Zhen still kept a big braid and wore a robe, and Shu Qi was a charming singer.

The story of this paragraph is particularly tangled. Singing prostitutes live in a restaurant for five days, waiting for a new era poet. He came to Taiwan from Japan and fell in love with Geisha during contact. He came to see her almost every day. Listening to Xiao Qu'er, Ge Ji also liked this ideal poet.

At this time, a sister nearby was pregnant and was the child of the tea owner. He intends to accept the sister as a concubine. He is willing to produce two hundred or two silvers, but the silver redemption requires three hundred and two. They saved others, but did not save themselves.

The third story is "The Dream of Youth". By 2005, the breath of the times came. This is a passionate story. Shu Qi plays a bisexual girl, taking medicine every day, living in madness, and a girlfriend who threatens her with death at any time.

Although Zhang Zhen had a girlfriend, he didn't care, and he was still entangled with the bisexual girls played by Shu Qi. They went to cycling, chased the wind, and enjoyed each other's bodies crazy. After waking up, they returned to their lover without fear In the end, Shu Qi's girlfriend finally did not get the reply of Shu Qi and jumped off the building to commit suicide. This period made people look very tired and depressed.

The people and things in these stories, love and hate, are as dull as water, and crazy destruction. When the film is short, you can find out and see the appearance of different love.

Shu Qi sitting on the seaside video is a classic of film history, relying on this movie to establish her position in the film industry! Shu Qi also became famous with this film.

"The Best Time", Shu Qi plays the heroine in it. This movie has a high evaluation. Shu Qi has won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. Director Hou Xiaoxian also won the Golden Horse Award for the best Taiwanese filmmaker because of this film. Although more than ten years have passed, it is still worthy of attention and aftertaste.

Yes, like Shu Qi is an actor, who wants to affirm her status, of course, through her acting skills and the recognition of others.

Shu Qi won the Golden Horse Award for the best actress because of the movie "The Best Time". She also relying on this movie. She truly became a post -level actress and proved herself with her strength.