Only "Run the Fifth Season", the show was launched at 20:20 on Friday, April 23, 2021.

"Running Season 5" is an outdoor competitive reality show launched by Zhejiang Satellite TV. It was produced by Zhejiang Satellite TV Center Star Studio.Stationed in MC.

The show will be premiered on Zhejiang Satellite TV on April 23, 2021 every Friday at 20:20 Ace Season 6, and stacked with "Star Chaser".Finaled on July 16, 2021.

Program evaluation:

Each season of "Run" is trying to reproduce the social hotspots that keep up with the times in the form of variety, expressing the living conditions of young people nowadays.The trial of the perfect combination of variety and positive energy has never disappointed the audience.The slow variety model of "Travel+Game" almost subverts the characteristics of the past fast -paced, strong movement, and high -sensitivity official experience. After the broadcast, the audience's acceptance is uneven.