In the fifteenth year, Li Died came to him, looked at him, accompanied him to spend the hardships of the journey, bless him a happy newly married, one year, in this fifteen year, her annual New Year's wish is "No longer like Yu Shang Xuan", but it has never been achieved.

Seeds of bud love

When I had a time, Li Dao and Yan Shang Xuan have a school study in a school. The two relationships are tight, such as the water, and Yan Shangxuan once repeatedly not press time because they love to play, Li Dynasty has never compiled his football. The relationship between the two produces transitions, starting with the reeds to watch the migratory birds. At that time, Yu Shangxuan said to Li. It came to the reed to the reeds, and the Li Dao was hungry, and the heart was sprouting the seeds of love.

Deeply love Yan Shang Xuan

After the end of the college entrance examination, Yu Shangxuan was in order to protect Han, and the road was not flat and hooligan. He was sentenced to this opportunity to read college. After being released from prison, Yu Shangxuan did not think about it. Not only did Li Dynamic returned to the right persuasion, but also throwing the puppet small person submitted by Li. Although LiDe is very disappointed with Yan Shangxuan, he always loves Yan Shangxuan.

Hard time woman

License is destined to be a bitter woman. She has not enjoyed the love of Qi Shangxuan, and she has experienced the death of leukemia and her mother's death. In order not to affect the entrepreneurial of Yan Shangxuan, Li Dao was missing for seven years. She thought she had completely got rid of Yan Shangxuan, and I would meet again after seven years. She died in his arms.


Time is now, Yu Shangxuan puts down the camera, and the woman who is not turned to stand on the bird watchtock. At this moment, he feels happiness to be so close, almost tentative. He seems to see the favorite woman in life into a migratory bird, freely flying in the blue sky and white clouds, writing the wonderful life.

The Female Protagonal Lead did not have the finals of Yan Shang Xuan, and the Lei Dynasty was finally ill, and the disease was died. But before the death, Yu Shang Xuan accompanied her. I think LiDe is happy before going to the world! Because Yu Shangxuan said with her, you must first fall in love with her. In the fifteenth year, this TV drama is called in accordance with the book of "15 years waiting for migratory birds". The original parallel is also tied to the terminal illness, and finally left the people.

"Fifteen years waiting for the migratory bird" ending is the last didn't have the heroine, and Li Dao is really dead, because of the illness, urinary disorder, death, the drama does not affect the entrepreneurial, Li Dia After a disappearance, she thought she had completely got rid of Yan Shangxuan, I would like to meet again after seven years.

"Five-year waiting for migratory birds" finale is not dead. I didn't have news, and Yu Shangxuan was looking for Li. When Li Li was suffering from Chinese blood, Li Wei was missing for seven years in order not to affect the business of Yan Shangxuan. She thought she had completely got rid of Qi Shangxuan, but after seven years later, two met. Time flies to now, Yan Shangxuan put down the camera and stared at the woman standing on the bird watching platform. At this moment, he feels so close, almost touching. He seems to regard the life of the most loved woman as a migratory bird, freely flying in the sky and cloud, writing a wonderful life.

"Fifteen years waiting for the migratory bird" ending is Li Dot and Yu Shang Xuan. Li Dig is not dead, the TV series did not write her.