Mira Jovovic -Alice, don't have to talk about this

Li Bingbing -King Aida appeared for the first time

Siena Gelly -Gilvading's second female police officer, appeared at the end of the fourth part, was controlled by Wesk

Ali Lat -Claire Part 3 and Fourth

Od Phil -officer Carlos Part 2 and the third part. It should be infected with the virus and should be hung up. I don’t know how to resurrect

Kevin Durang -Barribton seems to have never appeared, and there are in the 1st generation of the game.

Michelle Rodriguez -The first royal sister of Camp Nou, the infection was hung, and I still don’t know how to run out again.

John Eubu -Lyon game big protagonist, but the first time the movie appeared, I like King Aida

Actor watch: Alice-Mira Jovovic, Jill Valentine-Siena Gelley, Rain OCAMPO-Michel Rodriguez, Barry Burton-Kevin Duran, Ada ADA Wong-Li Bingbing, Leon S. Kennedy-Joe Han Erb, Carlos Olivera-Odfel, Luther West-Sharne Roberts, One (Rumored)-Colin Salmont, Bill, Bill, Bill Quepore (uncredited)-Aidan Bristow

Alice Mira Jovovich ---- Jill Valentine Siena Gelly ---- Rain Ocampo Michel Rodrigz ---- Barry Burton Kevin Duram ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ada Wong Lee Bingbing ---- Leon S. Kennedy Joe Han Erb ---- Carlos Olivera Odfir ---- Luther West Sean Roberts --- One (Rumored) Colin Sall Meng ---- Bill Quepore (uncredited) Aidan Bristow

Aida. king

The appearance of biochemical two and biochemicals in the game is a spy