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"The Mission of the Everbright" is a plot movie directed by Wu Yirong. Zhu Yilong, Guan Huiqing, Li Jinzhang, Zhao Jialin and other stories tell the story of the warlord Sun Dianying greedy the tomb and tapped the Empress Dowager Cixi's Dongling.

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"The Mission of the Top"

Director: Bai Tao

Screenwriter: Qian Linsen

Starring: Zhang Tong, Ying Haoyu, Mu Xing

Type: plot, action, war

Production Country/Region: Mainland China

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Premiere: 2021-04-18 (Mainland China)

Edition: 32

Single collection length: 45 minutes

In order to support the Central Soviet Area to break the Kuomintang's military "encirclement" and economic blockade, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish a red traffic line from Shanghai via Hong Kong and Shantou to the Soviet Area. Zou Zuoren is the webmaster of the Bo Gongcong Station of the Transportation Line. With other large, medium and small traffic stations, he exercises the mission of transporting personnel and shortage of supplies to the Soviet area, and also transporting funds and intelligence from the Soviet Union to the Shanghai Party Central Committee. Under the leadership of Zou Zuoren, the traffic workers and the enemy began their wisdom. In the strict investigation of the Kuomintang military agent with Cao Ruiying as a webmaster, several small stations were destroyed, but the loyal to the party would rather die and protect the party's secrets with blood and life. In the arduous tasks of more than 100 representatives from all over the country to Ruijin to participate in the second representative of the Chinese Soviet Union, Zou Zuoren and others to sacrifice their heroes to ensure that all the representatives were escorted to Ruijin unscathed, ensuring the meaning of the significance. The second congress of the major Chinese Soviet Union was held as scheduled.