"Tracketer" is a ballet written by Tchaikovsky. According to the story of Hofman's story called "The Nutcracker and Mouse King".

There is a magician in the palace. He created a very powerful mouse to kill the mouse. In order to retaliate against him, he turned the magician's nephew into a walnut clip. He can restore the original with a walnut clip.

The magician gave the walnut clip to Clarra. In the evening, Clara ran out secretly to see the walnut clip, and found that the walnut clip was leading a group of toy soldiers to fight with a group of mice. Clara killed the Rat King, and the walnut clip became a handsome prince, taking Clara to the candy kingdom to find a candy fairy.

Clara and princes played in the candy kingdom. The night was over. Clara fell asleep. When he woke up, he forgot his experience at night, but found an inexplicable young man at the door of his house.

The story of the "walnut clip" was originally a fairy tale published by German romantic writer E.T.A. Hoffman in 1816. Alexander Dumas translated it into a French version in 1844.

In 1892, Tchaikovsky created ballet music with this material, and the legendary choreographer Maris Pijipa arranged dance.

The director of the St. Petersburg Empire (Malineky literally means the Maria Empire), the director of the Maria Empire, Ivan Vesoroiski, first came up with the story of the walnut clip into a ballet. Lao Chai's dance drama (compiled as the work No. 92) was the same as his opera "IOLANTA" (compiled as No. 91) in the same performance when the first performance was performed. The dance drama was the second half of the show.

The dance drama premiered on December 18, 1892 at the Malinusky Theater in St. Petersburg. The role of children and candy fairy at the Christmas party was held by the students of the school under the theater. All performers received a box of Tchaikovsky Chocolate sent out.