April 2014 | Hengdian | Open

Produced by Bona Film Group, Xu Ke, supervised by Xu Ke, "Sword of the Three Masters" directed by Er Dongsheng, was launched in Hengdian in April 2014. According to the filmmaker, the emerging movie star Lin update will play the three young master Xie Xiaofeng in the film. Another key character Yan Shisan finally fell to He Rundong. Jiang Yiyan and Jiang Mengjie's two female actors have also entered the group, but the specific characters have not been exposed. The 3D giant system jointly created by the two palace -level directors was finally filmed. Yu Dong, president of Bona Film Group, said excitedly: "Director Er Dongsheng made a love film in the world first, director Xu Ke shot 3D action movies, no one can reach it. Today, the two 'first -generation masters' double swords are combined, and the "Sword of the Three Masters" is cast as the original book of Gu Long, and a sword must be cold and nineteen continent. "

At the starting ceremony of "Three Master's Sword", starring Lin Xinxin and He Rundong did not show up. Only Jiang Yiyan and Jiang Mengjie, who had maintained the perfect figure, starred in a casual dress. Speaking of this lineup match, Er Dongsheng said: "Now many movies, the audience will guess what the film will look like in the end, but I believe that the audience will definitely guess now. Through. If Xu Ke's decision can make everyone unsurprisingly, then the two of us will fail. "Lin Xinxin, who had just come down from" Weigo Mountain ", just put down the" 203 "gun, and then then Picked up the "Three Master" sword. Lin Xinxin said with emotion when I tried makeup, "The day before yesterday was still beaten by Weigo Mountain, I came to find Yan Shisan single pick up today, and felt a bit cross." When talking about the feeling of the character, he said with a smile, "Follow the The director's real "Three Masters' Learning Sword, challenging and pressure is greater than I thought, but I will invest 100 %." Another starring He Rundong also loved the role of Yan Shisan for a long time. He said: "As an actor who loves the martial arts world, he can act as a legendary swordsman like Yan Shisan. In the words of Yan XIII, there is no regret in this life!"

September 2014 | Hengdian | Killing Qing

Er Dongsheng's 3D martial arts film "Three Master's Sword" was officially killed in September 2014. The film was produced by Xu Ke, starring Lin Xinhuan, He Rundong, Jiang Mengjie, Jiang Yiyan and other starring. The film was turned on in Hengdian Film and Television City in late April, and the pre -shooting was finally completed in more than 4 months.

Fans who are familiar with Er Dongsheng probably know that "Three Master's Sword" is a movie he prepared for nearly 15 years. Coincidentally, he had starred in the "Sword of the Three Masters" (released in 1977) produced by Shaw's producer. At that time, directed by Chu Yuan, Er Dongsheng's heroic posture also won the audience. Around 2000, Er Dongsheng wanted to re -shoot the "Sword of the Three Masters" and also invited Leslie Cheung to act, but due to funds and copyright problems, he failed to turn on.

Until 2014, the new version of "Sword of the Three Masters" was finally officially launched. Lin Xinhuan played the sword god Xie Xiaofeng (three young masters), He Rundong played Yan Shisan, and the two had the peak of the legendary swordsman in the film. Director Er Dongsheng and starring Lin Xinxin also posted shutdown information and photos on their social network platforms.

Director Er Dongsheng also thanked the director Xu Ke on Weibo. He wrote: "Talking to Xu Ke about the three masters, he talked about it for fifteen years and did it until today! Thank you for teaching 3D without reservation. The method of shooting; comprehensive guidance for art, clothing and even props. Only by myself, I believe I can't complete this play. I will salute the strange heroes here. "

According to reports, the 3D "Sword of the Three Master" started the group since November 2013, and has undergone more than 10 months of preparation and shooting. Finally, in the early morning of the Mid -Autumn Festival on September 8, 2014 Essence The film is monitored by Xu Ke, directed by Er Dongsheng, and the action director is Yuan Bin. The three are also old friends who often cooperate in Hong Kong's film industry. The tacit understanding and many years of emotions shown during the film shooting. The reporter learned that the last scene of the film was a heavy action scene of the "Three Masters" player Lin Xinxin. Er Dongsheng sat in front of the monitor and stared at the screen. Xu Ke walked back and forth from time to time. The action director Yuan Bin personally led the action group to design a variety of dazzling sword tricks, and pointed out the movement of Lin updated. Everyone is relieved.

It is reported that "Sword of the Three Masters" was a famous masterpiece as an actor when the director Er Dongsheng was 19 years old. More than 30 years later, he resumed this classic film as a director and doted Lin to update the new generation of "Three Masters". After the film is completed, he will start the other five new films of "No one can control me".

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