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"The first season of the Storm of the Famous School

Screenwriter: Daruo Madeona, Carlos Montero

Starring: Omar Ayoso, Migel Belnald Ayu, Mina El Hamani, Edison Eskamia, East Erto, Mi Gal Hernan, Heinmi Loren, Lola Mallefini, Dana Pacalla, Maria Pedlasa, Alon Pedi, Alvaro Rico , Herch Socte, Jesus Gallo, Sani Atias, Paco Blázquez

Type: plot, thriller

Production Country/Region: Spain

Language: Spanish

Premiere: 2018-10-05 (Spain)

Season: 1

Edition: 8

Single set length: 60 minutes

Also known as: elite killing (Taiwan), Elite

LAS Encinas is the best and highest threshold in Spain, and is also a place where elite children are studying. After the earthquake destroyed a civilian school, the local parliament decided to divide the students to the local schools, and the children of the three working families came to this noble school. One of the poor children who had nothing happened to have the second generation of the rich, and the fierce conflict broke out, and eventually caused murder. So, who is the culprit?