Gong's eyes were blind. In order to prevent the skin from being sad, he decided to leave the skin and rejected the skin, and Ning Ning was sick at this time. Yu En was pregnant with his child's child.From the perspective of Ningning's hospitalization, at this time, Loquat and Yu En also came to the ward to argue about pregnancy. At the same time, this dialogue was also recorded by Ningning's toy bear.Ning Ning was thrown downstairs and died, and he was fainted. After waking up, he was considered a murderer.Pi also discovered the fact that Gong could not see, so he was firmly with Gong. The last two were together and got the consent of Gong's mother.听, at the critical moment, she heard the recording of the toy bear, knew everything, and ran to the wedding ceremony of Bo and Yu En.Bo suffered a little injuries, and finally Bohe married on the seaside.

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