Xu Ruohuan (formerly known as Xu Shujuan) from Fengyuan City, Taichung County, Taiwan, a Taiwanese female singer and actor.He is a comprehensive development artist who is good at singing, lyrics and compositions, as well as drama and hosting.Its temperament is pure.He was poor in his childhood. In 1990 (15 years old), he participated in the "Talent Beautiful Girl Selection" held by China Television's "TV Star Show Station" program and started his acting career after winning the championship.Her acting career has good results in the mainland, Taiwan, Japan, and other regions.Xu Ruohuan is called a little fairy, and his dress has attracted much attention.She also has an angel -faced and devil figure, and she has also been in the entertainment industry in terms of maintenance. Now Xu Ruohuan, who is 37 years old, also has the skin and figure of a 18 -year -old girl, and has the reputation of "no old myth" in the entertainment industry.