There is an old and mysterious apartment on the edge of the bustling city, which lives in the same way.

Strange people, there are "high -handsome and poor" disappointed little lawyers (Lei Jiayin), a stubborn 90s young and beautiful girl (Xia Zitong), a stupid thief (Li Jing) who is accustomed to sliding doors, and a triad The boss (Li Yan) and his glamorous sex woman (Sun Ning) and fake medicine hawkers (He Yunwei) and so on.

In a night of mountains and rain, in such an apartment, there was a sudden corpse ... Who killed this man who was hated by everyone? Did he be deceived to go to Wan Guanjia's wealth? Or was she deceived? Or is he always stepped on him? Following this corpse that everyone panicked, some people were panicked and prepared to escape. Some people calmly acknowledged the crime of homicide. Some people stole the beam to change the pillar to create a suicide scene. Those who have gone through unforgettable memories throughout the night and one night. And when the truth of the murderer seems to be "covering the coffin", the unexpected ending reverses, making everyone startled.

Lei Jiayin decorated Daming