Extract code: GJCJ

"My Little Both"

Director: Wang Pengfei, Yang Xiaoxue, Zhou Lei

Starring: Yan Yikuan, Du Ruoxi, Xiang Zuo, Guo Biting, Yu Jingxi, Qi Lanyin, Liu Tao, Wang Ke, Chen Lan, Li Weijia, Da Zhang Wei, Qi Wei, Li Chengxuan

Type: Real Show

Production Country/Region: Mainland China

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Premiere: 2019-07-06 (Mainland China)

Edition: 12

Single collection length: 75 minutes

Also known as: MR & MRS

The third part of the "My Family Series" created by Hunan Satellite TV Chen Yiyu Studio

"My Family Little Two" is a intergenerational emotional observation program. By recording the daily life of the two stars and a star couple, and invite the loved ones and stars of the celebrity guests to the studio, Wei Jia and Da ZhangweiThe star observation group formed with the flying guests, watch the emotional life between couples and husbands and wives, understand the marriage mode of marriage to the object of observation, and explore the happy password of Chinese marriage.