"Fang Sugar": Run with Maer to feel the whole world

Lump subgar

Title: Fang Sugar

English name: lump sugar

Director: Li Huanjing

Screenwriter: Jin Yingshi, Li Xunmin, Li Huanjing

Starring: Lin Xiujing

Starring: Jin Youzhen

Park Eun -soo

Type: Plot

Level: Everyone can watch

Shop long: 124 minutes


Release date: August 10, 2006 (South Korea)

Audience score: 8.53/10 (1126 votes)

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Running with it, I feel that the whole world belongs to myself.

Shien (Lin Xiujing), who grew up in Jeju Island Ranch, has loved horses since childhood, and has deep feelings with horses. As soon as Ma Gang, a Ma, lost his mother, lost his mother, so Shien's love for this Magga had been growing up with each other since he was a child. Steen has no mother since she was a child, so Tianlei is the only reliance for her.

But one day, Tian Lei was sold elsewhere, so Shien and Tian Lei were separated. Two years later, Shien dreamed of being an excellent rider, and inadvertently met the fate of Tian Lei. They recognized each other. Under the training of Shien, the Tiansa had the strength of the horse racing. Shien was preparing to bring it with He is a horse racing conference.

As long as Poen with Tianlei feels that he can run to the end of the world, and Tianlei also hopes to help realize Shien's dream. Whether they can create miracles on the racetracks of 10,000 people, let us look forward to ...

About film

In 2006, the new challenge on the screen, the star Lin Xiujing, challenged the corner of "female riders" with a bright and pure charm.

On the screen, the new generation of celebrities on behalf of Lin Xiujing brought her "love horse" and turned into the audience.

The works that actor Lin Xiujing once made is impressive. For example, in the film "Rose Honglian", she showed her delicate acting skills. The sweet and lovely image in the TV series "Sorry, I Love You" attracted countless fans. In the recent film "Sad Movie", Lin Xiujing began to transform into a mature image. I believe that no actress can show his diverse charm like Lin Xiujing.

Lin Xiujing has been selected since the production of the film "Fangtan", so the film as a whole highlights the charm of Lin Xiujing. With short hair, she was gone to the battlefield and started to receive a car ride training three months before shooting. And it is better to tacit understanding with Aima Tianlei. During the 5 -month shooting of Jeju Island and other places, they lead their heart to each other. Now they can only know how the situation of Tianlei can be seen.

Lin Xiujing, who shows his own characteristics in each work, will now usher in a new challenge. In the summer of 2006, you will enjoy the new image of Lin Xiujing with the movie "Fang Sugar".

For the first time in the history of Korean films, the movie about people and animals in the history of people and animals, in 2006 to give you the biggest movement "Fangtang"

The movie "Fang Sugar" tells the story of a girl who dreams becoming an excellent riding and her love horses challenged their dreams. The film is based on the cubic sugar that loves Malaysia and the cubs that Sugar likes to eat, telling the happy memories and beautiful dreams of Shien and Tianlei.

This film is the first time in South Korea's theme of human and animal feelings, so it has attracted much attention from the media. In the film, the expression of animals has no man -made computer post -production, and completely shows the natural communication between humans and animals. From a young age, the mother's poeticness was extremely deep with Tian Lei. After many years of fate -like encounter, and then touching the touching stories for dreams, I believe that it will not feel this in other movies.


Like the movie "Marathon" and "Welcome to Dongmo Village" last year, the movie "Sugar" will also bring more movements this summer.

1000: 1 The competition that stands out of the competition is one of the focus of the set.

The production team attaches great importance to the choice of the horses of the player's opponent. Because the horse racing scenes in the inner horses accounted for a large proportion, and there were many expression skills in the horse. During the 6 months that come and go in Jeju Island and Busan, the production teams went all out to find the most suitable horses. Considering the characteristics of physical conditions, emoticons, and personality, they finally found the horses of the Italian. In the competition of 1000: 1, a horse who played Tianlei finally surfaced. The horse's variety is Thorough-BRED. It is agile, fast, fast, moist, and white printed on the forehead.

Because of the emotional drama in the horse racing, the proportion of Ma as the protagonist was very large, so the production team also brought 4 horses with the same Malay as a substitute. Regarding the horse racing scene, the production team also invited the famous riders to personally direct the horse.

With the broad ranch as the background, the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island, and the spectacular horse racing scene, show the infinite charm of the movie "Fang Sugar".

The movie "Fang Sugar" shows the pastoral background of the vast grassland and the tense horse racing scene. It can be said that romance and scenery are similar. The majestic scenes are a highlight of the film.

The 60,000 -square -meter pasture near Hanshan, located at 650m above sea level, was built under the support of Jeju Island. The focus is on the setting of the setting with nature, which can highlight the beautiful memories of horses and girls. The horse racing scene shot in Guochuan has also received positive support from the Korea KRA Association. The horse racing scenes shot in the 350,000 square meters of horse racing parks in Guochuan City used many human resources. In addition to the famous riders' personal direction, there were 22 riders and 34 professional horse racing. The horse racing scenes in the film are very vivid and spectacular under the joint efforts of actors, staff, and special staff. I believe that it will leave a heavy stroke in the history of Korean film.

Tips: About Horse


1.2 ~ 1.7m high, weight 200 to 300kg.

Horses have big eyes and straight limbs. Hearing and visual development, the hair color is different in white, brown, black and other colors according to different varieties. Although the tail is short, the hair on the tail is relatively long, so it looks beautiful. In addition, a long hair from head to back is relatively long.


As grassy animals, they are mainly eating grass. They usually eat dried grass. The snacks they like are square sugar and carrots.


I prefer to get along with people and have a docile character. Because of a strong sense of competition, sometimes it is stubborn when horses. The general speed of horse racing can reach 77km per hour, and it will be different according to the different speeds of training. Male horses are generally prone to disputes when they are together, and at the same time, they can also be divided into three, six or nine according to the comparison of strength.

The film is a movie with animals and humans. It tells the process of the daughter of a poor ranch owner after becoming difficult to become a female rider. In the process, Lin Xiujing, who played the heroine, grew up with a horse since she was a child. At that time, the horses who were not optimistic also became famous horses, describing the love between the horse and the heroine.