It is the theme song "Loudly Shout You Come".

"Loudly calls you back" is popular in all parts of the country, and the theme song "Waiting for You Come" also quickly heats up. The TV series and theme songs complement each other. It is another successful model after "Golden Fan Family" and "Dark Fragrance".

"Waiting for you back", the melody is smooth and eloquent, but it is surprising that this popular song is the one with the shortest time to complete Avin, which only took 30 minutes before and after.

Ai Wen said that he did not treat this song as a task or work, but a release of emotion, and his grasp of the main purpose was in place, so he completed his creation in only 30 minutes, and he almost did not change it later. This is also a great miracle!

Ai Wen disagrees about the "talent" such as "talent" praised by the media: this is purely because of the urgent desire of expression, not to say that it must be my talent. That's how! For musicians, the biggest praise is that listeners like it.

Extended information:

Just when "Waiting for You Come" was just spread through the TV, some fans called it the follow -up of "Finding You in the Next Life". Indeed, in terms of the feelings of the song, these two songs are inherent, but in fact it is more appropriate to call the sisters of "Waiting for You back".

In contrast, "Next Life" is more about Awen's determination to retrieve the death of true love after expressing his girlfriend Meiro's departure; and "Waiting for You back" is Awen a more positive attitude: "No matter what happens, no matter the occurrence of occurrence What happened/I will stay by your side/No matter where you/I will miss you/I will always be waiting for you. " This is the true confession of an infatuated boy!