Extract code: RSMH

"Earth Rescue The33"

Director: Pai Cuici Reagan

Screenwriter: Joseph Ravella, Claig Balden, Miko Allen, Philip Michael Tomas, Hickto Tobber

Starring: Antonio Bandlas, Juliet Binos, Rodrigo Santoro, Naomi Scott, Cott De Burelo, Lu Dommond Philips, James Buus Lorine, Gabriel Berne, Bob Gangton, Kate Del Castolo, Jacobo Vags, Mario Cashaz, Edriana Baraza, Oscar Nunnene Si, Hurch Dias, Tino Welta, Pokina Garcia, Fedricko Lupi, Huan Babro Saramia

Type: plot, biography, history

Production country/region: United States, Chile

Language: English, Spanish

Release date: 2016-03-04 (Mainland China), 2015-08-06 (Chile)

Film length: 127 minutes (Chile)

Also known as: 33 miners, Jedi rescue 33 (Hong Kong), 33: Rebirth Miracle (Taiwan), LOS33

The film is adapted from the well -known Mine in Chile. It tells that 33 men were deeply trapped in a sudden disaster. All the rocks that were collapsed were sealed. For a full 69 days, the brothers concentrated, rushing all the way, and eventually all survived, creating the biggest miracle in the history of human rescue.