There is no way to save the movies downloaded in the video software.

Why is the movie put it in the album, it is put in the album folder, just use the own file manager.

For the formats supported by different mobile phones, downloading mobile movies should consider the format supported by your mobile phone.

Download directly with your mobile phone (of course, your mobile phone has the function of Internet access). This method is not limited by the environment, but it has its disadvantages. One is that the speed of the mobile network is not very ideal, and the other is to charge.

Now we are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones. As the function of mobile phones is constantly strong, it is not limited to calling, listening to songs, and taking pictures, but also allows us to watch our favorite movies anytime, anywhere. We all know that watching movies on mobile phones requires wifi and traffic. It is very expensive to watch movies directly with traffic, so we have to download the movie in advance to the mobile phone.

Download mobile movies online. The advantage of this method is to choose more speed and have many free resources.

Step 1: Understand which movie formats support your mobile phone. You can refer to the instructions of the mobile phone, or inquire about the service providers and industry insiders. The more videos supported by mobile phones, the larger the choice of downloading online.

Step 2: Find the "shadow" that corresponds to your mobile phone format online. Because mobile movies are new things, you need to find a good "shadow" on the Internet. It is a waste of time to correspond to your mobile phone format. A little integrated will update some blockbusters every day, saving you a lot of time.

Step 3: When you find the ideal shadow and confirm that your mobile phone supports its format, download it to your computer hard disk. Some websites can be downloaded directly, and some need to be registered as members to download. Use some download software to download faster.

Step 4: Connect your phone with the data transmission line provided by your computer with mobile phone service providers. The "shadow" stored on the computer is transmitted to your phone, and it is OK.