Shanghai Film Studio Translation Film Group and Shanghai Film Translation Factory Translation Film Catalog (1950-2006)

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Little Hero Pavlov Rural Female Teacher Miqiulin brave man in Xuezhongzhuan Sheep Angry Sea Morning Ranger Biography finally becomes a party certificate.


The Great Dawn Light Light Python Demon King Lenin Lenin in 1918 Non -guilty composer Mosolsky fiancee is far away from Moscow's great power


The unyielding land of Warsaw Street, the unyielding land of the city before the city of Battle Iron and Steel, the Great Emperor of the City (up, down) Ukrainian poet Shevqinko's life created a great citizen (upper, lower episodes) Kajia Muji Goose Boy Horseman


Chopin's youthful discapture Agent Wedding Actor's Art Catalin's Marriage Tanca Maltean Morning Morning Tomorrow Tomorrow Happy Song and Dance Musician Aikaqin


Those who can't defeat the people who stole a bicycle who can't be separated from the small friend, Qiu Ke and Geck Rome -don't have a certain sheath? The dawn shines on the new life of our woman A Liaosha exercise. Na's destiny Milan's Miracle Square adventure abduction


Dangerous cargo demon chair Beethoven September Hero Hero Heroes Two -acre Mai harvesting season is the storm of the fourteen of life -saving of the Niu Gong officialland. Mum Gorky's Biography Nightclub (above, next episode)


The Adventures of the Little Warriors Sixth Column Sixth Column Department Store's secret person and Land Star Blood Tears, Mr. Pork Kek, Pirates, Anti -Famous Avian, Ivan, Ivan, Ivan, No. 45 of the Military Region, the right to be a thief warrior. Address Ninth Ward Two Explorers, the old hate of the new hatred, caught the mountain city of the mountains and the grandfather life, the world of hope, the wishes of the hopes, the mother of the twelfth night, the heart of the heart


The real name of Mexicans, Marshall, welcomes you to the fugitives in the field before and after the stage. Life evidence Ten dollars lying noses fog, all orphans, long road babysitters red and black (upper, lower episodes) Life Genzi different destiny red lotus sled


The Song of the Road of the Road Devil's Abyss Poet is extraordinary in the summer Malwa Sanhe Symphony of the Symphony of the Symphony of Yannan. Prince Prince Revenge for a day of a day of dangerous life, a happy millpier, a painful page of the painful tour of the two sisters collapsed by the two sisters. 2 × 2 = 5


In 1918, the final decision of the free city of the Liberty City Tisa River Firefire, the rest of the life of the Kyiv (top, next episodes), in the lofty responsibilities behind the pine forest. Ami Ge's encounter alone, I know that his Tatana Patriot bomb -ball ball father and son wolf cave society yesterday (top) Black Camp Black Camp The 29th Brigade's Dark Morning Invention Eagle Star


St. Peter's Umbrella's Sambo Shadow Shadow Shadow Shark's tooth baby thirsty Dabaga Captain Sambo Mask (wide screen) Newly married Night, the first lesson conspiracy and love on the horizontal line, Fuma Golgayev's last green color Land conspiracy and love (wide screen) Navy captain of Ban Ning Eriston's son Cordrey Chief Liming Yasinsonto behind the big wall (wide screen and ordinary screen) life began Juliet and Dark


Chayabrana's two -headed story of the story of Hatie's life is on the eve of the stormy night, the poor street, Ausaka Songchuan Incident Pearl Hiroshima's miracle, the miracle of the love salt of the pearl, the miracle of the love salt of the pearl, the miracle is more altitude, the truth is like you like you who do not succumb to you. The rose business dedicated to the prosecutor.


The Legend of the Warriors (wide screen) road press and violin with the loft with the lofts, Red Sailing Ghosts Westward Lao District (wide screen) Yun Huihong red sail (wide screen), five days and five nights in the night, Guo Lin's front tagan fruit ( Wide screen) Revolutionary story chain chain. Nine -day girls in the middle of the year 1963

My child, the Emperor Little Bird Emperor's Emperor Hedgehog and Friendly Young Uprising, the Captain of the Captain Blue Harbor, the Captain of the Captain of the Crown of the Crown of the Blinds of the Blind Leader, Beside the fireplace


Search for the road to the stage to erode alloy Carloyan's footsteps to sneak in the road of the stage to attack our land broken bridge (wide screen) magic box


The soil -filled hands were in the first age of the 17 -degree land defenders


The eighth in the morning of the brave people fighting is comrades when bronze statues are dawn, your road


Mother -in -law of Mother Paris · Love Cold Heart


Green Mountain Fire Action Plan


In the confession of the silent friends of the silent friends in those years


Road of fighting


Cathematical Mountains Life and Death Love Alibaba Silent Snake


Napoleon's hometown in the campaign of Ostricz


Oaks, 100,000 fire emergency car action plan in the Nile River tragedy in the middle of the conspirators hunted the hometown of hometown to take root in the earth comrades -in -arms reunion in the future world misery, lonely, tears, gorgeous family children and violin narrowing.


The invisible fortress's strong wings Golden Ring Eclipse and the roots of Augen Bowen Zoro Great dictator Chaplin satirized the salary of the drama. Truth, a woman of Paris, Mr. Verdul, the bitter sea of ​​life bats

in 1980

The sand tool canopy Arabic adventure, the ancient castle ghost Kassandra Bridge, the wild Mai Ridge revenge my son's fierce battle to conquer the darkness and move towards the abyss


The handsome teenager who left the hometown district, calling for the father and son to be affectionate slave, the dumb female old gun, the last bullet of the sweet competition, the snow and snow, the fourteenth winter and spring prosecutor sued the sunshine mad girl in the swamp, Swan Lake, Swan Lake


Hukou's dangerous Tess Achiza County Party Secretary Ambassador Ambassador Mandarin Tears Bingfeng Rescue Team in different hometown of the Bingfeng Rescue Team My Sixteen Fifth Masters of Fifth Masters of Yin Jiro, the story of the two captains of the two captains of the Wild Mailing (sequel) The world's 39th steps of Emma's 39th steps of the Emma Tamed Horse Mornem, Uncle Modot Tom's hut


Sea Wolf Love Warm Snow Heroes Heroes Luming Rune Island Treasure Treasure Edward Dr. Edward's third person immortal couple butcher Norwegian singer's son of the son of the son of the sea Straits hunter Putian conducts hard -working husband and wife national interest iron noodles


Illegal Odarian Ranger Legendary Female Detective Dashishui Crab Awakening Verachi Tao White Rose in Claley Train Herbal Artist House Death Trap Mysterious Yellow Rose Captain Captain Zhaoshi tavern Fleeing King Zhong Wang Tie Cavalry's victory of the tropical jungle adventure of the tropical jungle, open the fantasy wings, the wings of the wings, the story of the strange wings, the story of the panda of Athena


Black Tulip Circinkeeper's encounter with gentle compassion, silent action, ghosts on the back of the ghost Hitzer Gunner Hart anecdotes. Introduce Disco Dance Star Pure, I can't without you without knowing you the yellow handkerchief of the reddown in Japan, Japan's sinking happiness


Wild goose dare team, a dumb story, a young queen's trip to India, Mr. Legless, a queen, a queen's key moment, the true and false Salu big wheels and sailor units of the three veterans, the seventh target Perak daughter of the thunderbolt daughter The hawk trap on London murdered the next day, alarm, sisters Po Wanli, the first cavalry army's mysterious yellow rose jewelry strange case was naked in the wolf group Spartan (up, next episodes)

year 1987

Sea Demon Iron Bone Jinsharine's Misty Diary of the Diary of the Diary King's Glory The last Santa Santa Santa's Ant Death Summer Traveling Universe Black Wolf's Hurm of the Black Wolf The Mystery of the House Red Pilot Superman (Episode 2) The capital disappears Yipou Dance Female Parshan Criminal Police on the island's troubled times.

The Italian's hometown in Russia's hometown has their own hometown of Ruzod, a special police officer, the flames of the special police shooter ice and the fire revenge, the scene of the scenery of Moscow's love is scarred. Blue Operation Team Youjun Fisheries Fan Qiao Yu Yu Gui Police Paradise Mountain Criminal Police in Shancheng Money and hatred are unconscious.

in 1989

The mysterious yellow rose · sapphire necklace in the mystery in the 1980s Cinderella confused the police officer diamond arm mirror, the horror of the city of the city, the guests who came to the city of the city, the police, Broadcasting movie sadness and joy, lonely, recurrence of the sea, the soul of the soul, the unintelligo king, John Strauss, the two dances of the two people ordered the inside of the person to disappear the earthquake, the twenty -four eyes detective story storm warriors

the year 1990

Compared with the iron -blood police to explore the ancient tomb, the hell hunter spy 505, the police, the police, the drizzle dream, the fiery, the murder of the murder of the murder of the murder of the super dance star, the loyal dreamer of the star, the ancient coin suspected criminal police of the old coin, the criminal Bar Daphne and her friend revenge the Iron Fist Dream of the Sand House Dream of Golden Dog Sherlock Holmes Foreign Relief Love Cold Warm, Cloak the Red Sea Magic Shadow Foreign Criminal Police Police

year 1991

Spy Sea Lone Soul Song Female Jumping Nickname X -13 Hire the Police Diller Yingjie Three Swordsmen (sequels) pursuing iron certificates is purely coincidental singer Marlisor Christmas urchin's adventures pass the level Silver -white medal Hua Kui tears and blood -blooded Rings of Weilong competes Jazz king of the king of the heroes holding guns with the gun of God's error love and bullet


The secretary of hiding the sword alone broke into the tiger's hole, the thousand -year infatuated judge and the police jewelry fans to fight against the fight against the violence, the rooster stems, the private detective detective rivers and lakes, the girl black -eyed snake model Police bandits Life and death Robbing the iron window Angry Island Magic Hong Kong Dream Dreamful Dance Demon Demon Mary Isabel Forbidden Palace Love Prostitutes abducted


Black Vortex Russian Russian Drifting Dream Intelligence Intelligence Officer and his wife Yasha's shocking dream Return to the empty house, the mysterious woman blood dance shoes couples Legend Playing the Police Police Detective Qiao Cheng Zongzhuang Fighting Thieves Escape Lonely Yinghao Heritage Heritage Battle International Girl

year 1994

Fei Lai Yanfu Muay Thai Thai King Gambling Casino Wonderful Case Who is the murderer's mistakes to break through the spy sea girl feelings.

the year 1995

The Mystery of the Boss of the Boss Party of the 12th century, 4000 mystery, faint love love, delicious dish, real lies, life and death partner Police pursuing the speed of life and death, the king of the forest of the forest, the leopard of the leopard, the gods, the goddess of the Jedi Fools are also crazy about New York robbery. You are my only horror zone to wear sin

year 1996

The prince of the ruthless ballroom of the hand and foot also strolls in the two brothers of the two brothers in the clouds, the temptation of the gallery bridge dream of the newly -beds shark circle of the dark forces, four weddings, one funeral, the warmth on the scene, the warmth of Paris women dressed in Paris women dressed as a mysterious city of ancient paintings, I am more than ten Eight mysterious yellow leather shoes bravely rushed to kill the island female police officer pursuing blonde men's sake, Mission Mask Death Mask Special Police to escort love, betrayal and murder


Don't say goodbye to me, the symphony of the mother destroyer has a single person to live and death. Blade inserted wings and difficult to fly, nothing to give birth to a god, Ka Zanhai, the sea is shocked -speed renewal of good things in life and death into a double American leopard ice and fire (sequel) agent crazy flowers deep sea and the sea of ​​the sea


Star Hacquent Fire Crisishable City Potential Power Mornem Truster Judge 100,000 Fire Earthly Love Real Estiments The Strange Fire Fire, Fire Fire Trap, Love and War Ghosts 3rd's Fight to attack the mysterious back of the world. Case Love Letter Anna Kalenina's peaks are furious at the time of the crown 1999

Sadness Tango Lajia Wedding Singer, who is the enemy of the VIP country of the film festival. Unimflitted, difficult to accommodate the misunderstanding of the crow's murderous case, hitting the cage, the dream of the dream is true, the underground rock must be the heavenly trap, the hero of the brave prince, the twelfth night of life and death

2000 years

Elf Rat Little Brother Rose Stealing Double Conspiracy Hidden Murder Action Cycling Police Sixth Goddess Goddess Permanent Love Corner Fighter Music Music Music Music 2 Perfect Storm Singles Single Single Single Surreal Super Mom The same life is specially escorted to the Dream Youmei Merramali, the true and false marriage, the fire, the road, the grass, the grass, the police, let's kiss, the ballet suspension lunatic home, the fiery fire, the revenge will undoubted


Seeing his father -in -law's catastrophic catastrophe stepmother's decisive battle, Swordfish Action Mummy returned to the Tomb Tomb, Jurassic Jurassic Park 3 Harry Potter and Magic Stone Epinsented Limited Evidence Fatty Tracking Life Swirk Peak Moment 2 Storm Snow Dark Dream Dream Broken Flowers

year 2002

Firepower targets are destined to be the last witness Green Must Criminal Police Alien Spider -Man Rats 2 Wind -language Warrior Dancer in the Indian Past Temporary Agent Small Terminal Fairness to Alabahari Harry Potter and the Fourth Bicardi room fourth Plan

Year 2003

Manhattan Cinderella Nile lover, I know who you are president and cow, my grand Greek wedding heart rescue, Perak angel 2 X -tie police 2 tanni case loves the piano, the piano, the day, the winged wings, the anti -terrorism special police team, the barbarian, my savage, my savage Female Teacher City

year 2004

Mona Lisa's smile Fangfang Tulip Apollo 13 fatal rewards in Lengshan world's most ugliest women in the world 50 times first love super racing. Brother Tiger Dark Dark 2 Garfield Cat, the robot is very fast


Disaster of Crack Python 2: Searching for Bloodland French Spy Translators Translation Extreme Warrior Batman · Xia Ying's Lost Smith Action Action Terminal Flight Police Fighting in the Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood Harry Potter and Flame Cup (China and British cooperation)

year 2006

Decisive Empire's Story Train Stunning Antarctic Adventure Da Vinci Code Glacier Age 2 Magic Bind (Domestic) Air Decisive Battle Redemption Grand Theft Phantom Mission 3rd and Death Time Cat 2 X Fengyun Mysterious Islands World Trade Center White Planet Sui and Tang Heroes (Domestic)

1950-1995 Catalog based on "Shanghai Film House"

1996-2005 Catalog based on the "Shanghai Yearbook" (1997-2006)

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