Korean drama Xiaomei is in the Ruby Ring.

The Ruby Ring is a modern urban drama broadcast on the daily stall of South Korea's KBS2TV TV station on August 19, 2013. Directed by the whole mountain, Huang Shunying screenwriter, starring Li Suyan, Lin Zhenn, Jin Xixun, Park Guangxian.


Zheng Yinxi smiled bitterly in the dark room. She said that people called herself a bad woman, the desire of the desire, and the evil villain, but she would not shake them for these words. After that, he questioned the person from the opposite side, do you have desire?Is it a evil girl with desire?

What is the difference between desire and ambition.Think of your past, you just have no chance.Luna drove forward crazy, and Libi persuaded her to be slower, but Luna asked her to shut up, and she was accelerating. A truck was driving opposite, and the two couldn't help screaming.