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"Ten Brothers" is produced by Xinfeng Film Co., Ltd., directed by Li Li, and starring Zhong Zhentao and others.

During the film, the prawns and prawns found a thin field left by his father to them by chance. It turned out to be a treasure land with ten treasures in the inside. The Orb has magical power, can call the wind and rain, and want to do whatever he wants. After being learned by the handsome commander who is not evil, the handsome leaders take their soldiers to the prawns to grab the orbs. It's right. That night, thunderbolt was intertwined, and the prawns gave birth to five children. The prawns also gave birth to five children at the same time. These ten children have different special functions [1].

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Director: Li Lizhi

Screenwriter: Gu Dezhao, Li Muqiong, Zheng Wenhui

Starring: Zhang Min, Zhong Zhentao, Shi Xiaolong, Hao Yanwen, Luo Jiaying, Xu Jinjiang, Huang Yifei, Yuan Qiongdan, Li Jianren, Zheng Zu

Type: comedy, action, fantasy, adventure

Production Country/Region: Hong Kong, China

Language: Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, English

Release date: 1995-12-23 (Hong Kong, China)

Film length: 100 minutes

Also known as: Ten Brothers

When the master's life, he was killed by the younger son's prawns (Zhong Zhentao). According to the national regulations, the family fortune was managed by the elder brother, and the prawns were divided into one acre and an old cow. It is very strange that the vegetables and fruits planted in this thin field are particularly huge. As a result, the prawns and prawns (Zhang Min) opened the soil and found that there were ten orb buried in the ground. Unfortunately, this matter was learned by the handsome handsome, so he led the soldiers to grab the orb. In the anxiety, the prawns and prawns each swallowed five orbbu, and fled separately. The prawns were unfortunately caught by the handsome, and the prawns fell into a tomb to escape. In the handsome house of the night, the children who gave birth to five talents were born: High Three, Rubber Four, Feitian Five, Copper Top Six and Gaoying Seven. The five children mistakenly thought that the handsome was their father, and the poor prawns were locked in prison. At the same time, the prawns also gave birth to five siblings: Qianli Eyes, Shunfeng Ears, Entering the ground, Nine and shouting ten. Can the prawns and prawns be defeated the evil handsome in the end?