Six dreams of TV series: "君", "妻", "Xuecai", "Three Flowers", "Wangfa", "Qingqing River Fragrant", each of them is different, "Wangfiff Cliff"And" Xueko "should be closer, in fact, these six are emotional

In 1989-1990, Taiwan's abstainments were adapted as TV dramas in China, and the first to travel in mainland China, broadcast in 1990.However, only the top three dreams of "six dreams" were taken at the time, respectively, "君", "dumb wife", "three flowers".Later, Qiong Yao moved, 1990-1991, also shot "Snow", "Wangfa", "Qingqing River Fragrant grass" three people's first story TV series to make up the Chineseview "six dreams", threeThe newly created story is strictly not a "six dream" series.