With the development of the film and television industry, the plot of teachers in the past two years has become more and more popular in the TV series. For example, Hua Qiangu, etc., the beautiful plot has attracted countless audiences. "Flower Thousand Bone" is a fairy -tale drama that has always been very popular. Its plot is ups and downs, and it is very exciting. The protagonist Hua Qiangu is on the way to Xiu Xianhuang, and the all kinds of encounters constitute a hearty emotional line.

Hua Qianshi said: I don't believe in positive, do not believe in evil, and do not believe in happiness. But, I believe you!

This is a classic line in the flower thousands of bones, but it is also a true heart of an infatuated woman. If a woman loves you, you are her faith, their love is crazy, there is only you in the eyes, this is also a woman's selfishness. Instead of views in the accident, there are a lot of people's consideration. Their love is rational, so the love of spending thousands of bones is more vigorous, and Bai Zi's love is silent and silent.

Seeing Hua Qianshu, who was worried about Bai Zi painting unknowingly, because of such feelings, if such feelings were known to the world, there would be no place in this world. Seventeen roots of ecstasy, 103 swords, and deported places, tortured, how much she hates Bai Zi painting, she loves Bai Zi painting, even if she finally cursed Bai Zi painting, it is to let him keep remembering. Live yourself.

Bai Zihua said: Hua Qiangu is a sinner who stays up and even the world, but it is the apprentice of my Bai Zi painting.

It is my discipline of bad discipline and the disaster, and the next punishment shall be performed by myself. As the head of Bai Zi painting, he naturally cannot favors, and he cannot violate the trend. Although he stabbed a small bone of one hundred and one sword, he also suffered a fatal sixty -four soul -eliminating nail for her.

The small bones from the barren deserted, after experiencing all kinds of hardships, the power of floods broke out and became a demon god. Under her design, Bai Zi painted his family with a compassion with a compassion! When he realized, he would follow the little bone without thinking about it! Seeing that Bai Zihua is really true for Xiao Bone, willing to give all the love!

Bai Zihua paid a lot to spend thousands of bones

Bai Zi painted 64 soul -selling soul -selling nails. This is his love for flowers, but these flowers are unknown. Xiaosu only sees the master's ruthlessness to her, so she dies step by step, Bai Zi Painting is love flowers. His love is only the protection of silence, and it is revealed in the action.

Bai Zi painted the meat to hide his sincerity. At the last moment, he looked at the flowers who died in his arms, and he realized that life and death could not escape. However, the flowers have been dead, and life and death have been broken. He wanted to die with Hua Qiangu, but Hua Qiangu passed all the skills to himself, and cursed his life and life, forever and eternal life, immortal, no injuries, or immortal. However, the final ending is okay.

This relationship is very abused. The little bone has paid a lot for his master and encountered a lot. He grew up step by step. The small bone could maintain his original intention. He was always kind. His master actually liked him very much, but he could not reach the world, and finally finally finally finally. Discover your inner honestly.

I feel very touching. The two teachers and apprentices pay each other, save each other, and even fight each other at all.

In my opinion, the relationship between the small bones and the master is really very good. The two people are not only a couple relationship, but also a very good good teacher and friend. It is really a very harmonious relationship.

In this disparity relationship, the disadvantages always have to pay a lot. Only when the fanfare is equivalent, will the other party respond.