1. "The Beautiful Age of Daughter -in -law"

The play is directed by Liu Jiang, starring Haiqing, Huang Haibo, Bai Han, Lin Shen, etc., and the mainland TV series released in 2010. By describing the short family stories between the two parents, the play discusses the relationship between the mother -in -law and mother -in -law of contemporary urban families, and the marriage story of the "80s" who has the "80s" with a new marriage view.

2. "Happy Mother -in -law pretty daughter -in -law"

The play is directed by Yang Zhijian and Zhou Jiawen, starring the New Year Comedy starring Yuan Qiongdan, Dai Jiaoqian, He Shengming, and Liu Kaiwei. It mainly talks about the happy era between Yuan Qiongdan's incarnation, and the pretty daughter -in -law played by Hu Xinger and Dai Jiaoqian. This drama is exclusively released by A & B to A Film Enterprise Co., Ltd. overseas.

3. "Spicy Mother -in -law"

The play was directed by Zeng Nianping, starring Wu Jun, Gui Yalei, He Lin, Zeng Baoyi, and family family affection drama on July 12, 2006. It mainly talks about the grievances between the three generations of the fourth generation family of the same family.

4. "Daughter -in -law's Tears"

The play was written by Luo Fu, Luo Canran, and Donghan, starring Yu Xiaofan, Wang Canxie, and Zu Wu, and premiered in 2007. The play is adapted from the Taiwan TV TV series "The Stunning Daughter -in -law", telling the story of the gentle and virtuous heroine Lin Wanru marrying the Gao family and was troubled by her in -laws.

5. "When Mother -in -law meets Mom"

The play is directed by Tian Youliang, screenwriter Li Xiao, starring Pan Hong, Li Qinqin, Li Xiaolu, and Jia Nailiang, TV series on October 7, 2011. It mainly tells the story between the youth and the elderly.

After the production of women, there is a long period of time. In addition to running in with her children, this period also needs to run in with her mother -in -law. Because of the education of children, my mother -in -law and us always hold two different concepts.

There is such a mother -in -law. The traditional custom of their side is to squeeze breasts after the baby is born, so as to prevent the nipple depression and some diseases from occurring in the future.

At first, the daughter -in -law did not agree, but the mother -in -law strongly requested that she had to do it. As a result, the child was infected with the hospital.

Afterwards, the mother -in -law was very sad, and she was guilty. The daughter -in -law also accused the daughter -in -law of constant. Later, her mother -in -law did not dare to hold her little granddaughter.

In fact, for the elderly, they are for the sake of children and do not hurt their children and grandchildren. They just hurt their children because they believe in their own experience too much.

In our lives, in addition to this mother -in -law, many mother -in -law are the same. They have a very large difference in parenting viewing and young people now. Daughter -in -law is particularly easy to spark in the parenting project.

However, on the parenting issue, a harmonious family is the basis for providing children with fertile soil.

The family harmony, in addition to her husband and wife, love love, the child's grandmother and mother and mother -in -law must also get along very harmoniously.

Therefore, we must learn from the learning with my mother -in -law, especially on the issue of expressing their parenting views.

For those Baoma who must live with her mother -in -law, if you cannot handle the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, this impact may be amplified since the confinement period. This is one of the reasons why some mothers suffer from postpartum depression, so we can You have to solve this problem as soon as possible.

"High EQ" resolves the contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law

① Try to divert attention

If my mother -in -law discusses a certain point of view, we do not agree with his parenting view, so at this time we can transfer attention to other places and do not talk about this issue. In this topic, he knows that you are respecting him and knowing that you don't agree, so he will also learn to respect you.

② The husband comes to stop

My mother -in -law is more willing to listen to my son. We find that among many families, in fact, everything that my mother -in -law does is basically followed the wishes of my son, so at this time, the person we should most advise should be his husband, and let the husband believe in science to believe in science These things, because the husband is a young man, he is more able to accept things conveyed scientifically than his mother -in -law. At this time, let the husband advise his mother -in -law, then he will not become this wicked, and the mother -in -law and husband will never never. Because of these words.

For some good suggestions, we can adopt to understand the elderly's love of the grandson.

Some people put forward the views of these parenting views, in fact, many times because he loves his grandson. Do you feel happy to have such a woman standing on his perspective? Moreover, these methods proposed by the elderly are not confirmed, they do not agree with science. There are many so -called customs and customs. In fact, from the basis of science, we adopt and praise our mother -in -law for these suggestions. , Let his heart be satisfied.

③ Put a way to express what you want to express

If you think about it, the reason why the mother -in -law uses these customs is because she loves her grandson, so can we use this point to persuade her mother -in -law?

Suppose we tell her that using this method will directly endanger her grandson's life, she may still refute you. It is better to share those popular science knowledge with her mother -in -law. Then we must do our best. We can express gently.

④ By using the mouth of others to say these things

I will find that in fact, many times we are more considerate of strangers. If the method of mother -in -law is wrong, at this time we can use the doctor's mouth to say these things, and let the doctor tell our mother -in -law. Essence

In fact, many mother -in -law are willing to listen, so at this time let the doctor say that it is better than us, and it will not destroy the relationship between us and the mother -in -law. To persuade mother -in -law. In short, people who speak more suitable than us can.

⑤ Occasionally open one eye and close one eye

This is actually a method that is very easy to use.

In fact, I told my mother -in -law before that when the child is sleeping, I can't help holding the child. I think this is a problem encountered by many families. The old man really wants to hug the child when you see the children.

In fact, she knows the old man. If you happen to see your mother -in -law doing this, what should you do?

Go up and go directly to her mother -in -law to let her not hold it?

This is the lowest way of emotional intelligence. If you see it, you should pretend not to see, and then retreat and shout, "Mom, is the child fell asleep?"

First of all, both daughter -in -law and mother are very important people. The son needs to reconcile in the middle. If the two parties have contradictions, the son needs to treat the problem rationally.