It can be seen in the Holy Empire, and the update is also fast. V+this 321524. Passengers who fail to receive the itinerary within 7 days after the airline and various air tickets are sold. Essence 2. After purchasing tickets, the itinerary service is valid within 30 days after the aircraft takes off. Passengers who receive the itinerary of the airport must receive it within 30 days after taking off. 3. After 30 days after the aircraft took off, the application for printing itinerary was invalid. It is impossible to print the itinerary for more than 30 days. At this time, the seller of the carrier (airline) or ticket purchase needs to be contacted. 4. Receive the itinerary of the airport counters at the designated BAI. General airlines will set up the itinerary to receive the counter at the airport. 5. If you don't understand questions, you can consult the airport staff, and they will give you detailed answers. 1. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, you must pay attention to checking on the Internet for online electronic logos issued by the Industry and Commerce Bureau on the website. The ICP certificate issued by the telecommunications department, and an international certificate issued by the International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA). 2. In addition to a fixed operating venue, a regular operating aviation passenger agent business or a ticket agent company should also have the following conditions: (1) the IATA license number issued by the "International Aviation Transport Association ''. (2) A permission to operate the air passenger agency business issued by the Civil Aviation Administration. Only companies with domestic ticket agency rights cannot operate international ticketing business. (3) Has a fixed operating place and a civil aviation booking terminal system. (4) Ticketing professionals who have passed the training of the Civil Aviation and International Aviation Transport Association. Rththrth3, in order to ensure the correct fare, please inform the accurate procedure and return date during the inquiry, and request a written confirmation quotation in writing. 4. Airlines will launch promotional prices and related information from time to time, so please pay attention to the "latest news" column. 5. In order to avoid the seat when the machine is tight, it is best to order the position as much as possible in advance. The reservation is not charged. At that time, if you decide not to buy a ticket, you can notify the booking.